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Redfish and Snook on Spike-It Products

Click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Captain Dave Sutton of Homestead, Florida, a fishing guide in the Everglades National Park, Biscayne Bay National Park and the Upper Florida Keys, takes anglers to permit, tarpon, redfish, snook, speckled trout, dolphin, wahoo, grouper and snapper. Sutton, who has fished these waters for 16 years and has guided for the last 6 years, has discovered that using the new Spike-It products for these saltwater fish pays off for him.

Most days I'll be fishing from a 16-foot Maverick, poling in very-shallow water and looking for redfish out in the Everglades. I'll often be pushing the boat through 5 or 6 inches of water that's extremely clear or very muddy. The color of the water makes a really big difference in the color Click to enlargeof lures that I choose for my anglers to fish. When we're fishing in this shallow water, we'll often be fishing a gold spoon because the gold spoon is weedless, has good vibrations and fishes well in extremely-shallow water. I always use a trailer on my spoon and particularly like the 4-inch Spike-It Holographic grub for a trailer. If the water's clear, I like the avocado-colored grub as a trailer. If the water's a little muddy, I prefer the black or the amber colors.

On this particular day, I was fishing with a customer I'd fished with previously. Although I always furnished the rods and the baits for my customers to fish with, this particular customer preferred to bring his own rods and lures. When he got on board, he had G. Loomis rods with Shimano Stealth reels and gold spoons tied on his lines. He was using Power Baits for his trailers. We went out fishing, and I was poling the boat, and my client kept saying, "Come on, Dave, get one of your rods and start casting, too." I finally agreed to fish with him, and we blind-cast the edge of some mangroves. A big flat was there, right up against the land, and a drop-off that created a little trough all the way down the edge of the mangroves. I made one cast to the mangroves Click to enlargeand brought my gold spoon with the Spike-It 4-inch grub trailer in the avocado color, and I hooked a snook. The fish wasn't big, only about 20- or 21-inches long, but it was a snook. This client wouldn't let me hand him the rod so he could reel the snook in and said, "No, no, no. You hooked the fish, so you land it." I brought the fish in, unhooked it and released it.

Then I started poling again. After only a few minutes my client said, "Come on, come on. Start casting." Since I knew I could joke with this customer, I said, "I don't want to kick your butt again by catching another fish when you haven't caught one all day." Well, of course, that set my customer on fire, and he kept insisting that I fish. I quit poling, picked up my rod, made my second cast of the day and caught a redfish. Now remember, I was fishing behind my customer in used water. He had already covered all that water with his gold spoons and Power Bait trailers. When I released the redfish, my customer turned to me and said, "Okay, I can take a hint. Give me one of those Spike-It trailers for my gold spoon. You're catching fish, and I'm not. The only difference in our two lures is that you have on a Spike-It trailer, and I'm using a Power Bait trailer. So, give me one of your trailers. I've made about 100 casts and caught nothing. You've made two casts and caught two fish. I'm ready to learn now."

Click to enlargeOnce my client Ron Hill put the Spike-It trailer on his gold spoon, he eventually caught nine redfish and four snook. The biggest snook he took that day was 34-inches long, a 12 pounder, which won the Herman Lucerne Memorial Fishing Competition's largest snook award. There were 58 boats entered in the contest and 102 anglers.

For more information on how you can fish with Captain Dave Sutton, contact him at or go to To learn more about Spike-It's top-quality lures, paints and other fishing products and the Color-C-Lector, go to


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