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Crappie Fishing Eufaula

Click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Jackie Thompson of Eufaula, Alabama, has guided on Lake Eufaula for 34 years. As a full-time guide, Jackie deals with fishing all day, every day.

QUESTION: In recent years, you’ve started guiding crappie fishermen on Lake Eufaula. How are you catching your crappie?

THOMPSON: If I’m casting a crappie jig into deep water and heavy structure, I may fish 15-Click to enlargepound-test line. I use heavy line in case I’m fishing deep and hang up. If I hang up, I’ll be able to get the hook off, instead of taking the jig off, and I can bend the hook back and keep fishing. In the spring when the crappie come up shallow, I’ll fish for them with an ultra-light tackle and either 6-or 8-pound-test line. Many times, I’ll simply cast a jig out and use a slow retrieve to let the jig swim close to the bottom. At other times, I’ll count the jig down as it falls to try and determine what depth the crappie are holding at, and then start my retrieve. Once I Click to enlargedetermine the depth where the crappie are holding, I’ll use a weighted bobber and set the bobber at 18 inches above the jig. When I cast the jig out, I’ll let it sit still. Many times crappie fishermen move their jigs too much, and that’s the reason they don’t catch many fish. I let the jig sit still for a long time, then slightly move it and allow it to sit still again. Most times, the crappie will take the jig when it’s sitting still. Another tactic I use to catch crappie is to fish a jigging spoon. I use a 3/4-ounce Hopkins Shorty jigging spoon with 20-pound-test line. I take the hooks that come standard on the spoon off, and I’ll replace them with a lightweight wire hook so Click to enlargethe hook will straighten out if it gets caught. I also use a split ring for a line tie so the jigging spoon will have more action when I twitch it. I catch big crappie with a jigging spoon, but I’ll also catch some bass and stripers.

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