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Thompson Fishes for Bream

Click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Jackie Thompson of Eufaula, Alabama, has guided on Lake Eufaula for 34 years. As a full-time guide, Jackie deals with fishing all day, every day.

QUESTION: Jackie, You’re a bream fishermen and catch quite a number of bream on Lake Eufaula. How are you catching them?

Click to enlargeTHOMPSON: I use a 6-pound-test Mossy Oak Fishing Line with live bait, primarily crickets and worms, and as the water warms up, I start to fish small jigs. I fish these baits the same way I fish for crappie. I like the weighted cork, so I can make long casts. I let the bait sit still, and if I don’t get a bite, I’ll move the bait a little. Our average bluegills at Lake Eufaula weigh ¼- to ½-pound. each. We also catch quite a few shellcrackers (red-eared sunfish). I fish for Click to enlargethese shellcrackers with a modified Carolina rig on the bottom with worms. When we’re fishing for bluegills and shellcrackers at Lake Eufaula, we’ll often catch numbers of channel catfish because the catfish move into the beds where the bluegills and shellcrackers are. When we go bream fishing, we’re also fishing for catfish. If we catch a 2-pound catfish on 6-pound-test line, my customers have a good time fighting the cat. As long as the drag is set right on the rod, they can usually land catfish on 6-pound-test line. My Click to enlargebream fishermen have really enjoyed the advantages they get from using Mossy Oak Fishing Line to catch bluegills, shellcrackers and catfish. I like the line because it helps my customers put their fish on the boat and take them home for a fish fry.

If you want to learn more about Jackie Thompson or fishing Lake Eufaula, you can contact Thompson at (334) 687-9595. For more information about top-quality Mossy Oak Fishing Line, go to


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