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How Can You Make Any Lure in Your Tackle Box Magic?

Click to enlargeEDITOR'S NOTE: Thousands of dollars are made each year by lure manufacturers who believe they have produced such a lure. Many anglers swear by baits they claim will produce bass under any weather or water conditions. Even though pro fishermen won't admit to having magic baits, they do use the words, confidence lures, to describe these baits instead of the word, magic. But what causes a lure to be magical? How do you find and use a magic lure? How long does a magic lure's spellbinding Click to enlargecharacteristics last? Can you make any lure in your tackle box magic? Let's find out this week.

After fishing with many professional anglers and top bass guides, I realize that specific lures in the hands of certain people can and do produce phenomenal bass fishing magic. But what causes the magic to occur? Several factors combine to create magic lures. If the bait is one the bass never has seen before or has an action the bass is unfamiliar with, the Click to enlargebass is more likely to attack. If the lure tantalizes the bass and remains in the bass' territory for an extended time, often the fish will bite when it will not have attacked a bait that passes by in a hurry. An angler may make a bait magic when he masters the many techniques he can use with a particular lure and understands which situations are best to utilize those tactics to catch bass. Also, when one lure receives publicity and promotion, and more people start fishing that lure, more bass will be caught on that lure. Click to enlargeWhen an angler is smart enough to explore the history of bass fishing and learn traditional tactics that produce bass with old lures, he can rekindle the magic that has made those lures famous in years past.

Once you learn to fish each lure in your tackle box every way that lure can be fished and test new ways to fish that lure, then you can make any lure in your tackle box magic. The secret in having a magic lure always will be found in the magician and the way he uses that lure to create the illusion of magic.


Check back each day this week for more about MAGIC LURES AND SECRET BAITS FOR BASS

Day 1: The Search for the Magical Bass Lure
Day 2: What Causes a Lure to Be Magic
Day 3: How to Find and Use a Magic Lure
Day 4: How Long Do Magic Lures Last?
Day 5: How Can You Make Any Lure in Your Tackle Box Magic?



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