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Not Being Alert In The Stand, And Waiting On A Perfect Day

EDITOR'S NOTE: Good bowhunters can become better bowhunters if they don't commit 10-deadly sins that decrease their odds for bagging any deer and especially trophy deer. Here's 10 of the most-common mistakes that even good bowhunters – sportsmen who have taken Click to enlargeseveral deer with their bows and who have hunted for four or five years - make that I've identified by hunting with through the years.

Not Being Alert In The Stand:

Many outdoorsmen brag about how long they sit in their tree stands waiting on deer to show up. But if the hunter is in his stand either asleep, daydreaming or not hunting (actively trying to see and take a deer), then the length of time he spends suspended between heaven and earth has no direct bearing on his success as a bowhunter. Many good bowhunters make the mistake of staying in a tree stand when they're not hunting. When you catch yourself falling asleep or not actively looking for deer, the best thing you can do is leave the tree stand and come out of the wood. When a sportsman's hunting, he Click to enlargeshould be hunting. When he's resting, he should be resting somewhere other than the woods. Often those rest times will be when the deer is most likely to appear. And if the hunter is not alert and anticipating seeing a deer, he's more likely to shoot too quickly or inaccurately, or make noise and spook the deer.

Waiting On A Perfect Day:

Many hunters, especially trophy hunters, are waiting on that perfect day to go out and try and bag a buck. They come up with excuses for not hunting like the weather's too hot or too cold, or, there's too much wind or not enough wind. But I've learned that the perfect day to hunt a trophy buck is any day you can go into the woods. The more days you're in the woods, the Click to enlargegreater your chances of bagging a trophy. Just remember, you can't take a buck - any buck - sitting at home watching TV or drinking a cup of coffee. You must be in the woods.

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