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EDITOR’S NOTE: I've learned you can take more squirrels by talking and walking to bushytails rather than by sitting and waiting on them. Instead of moving into an area where I've seen cut nuts and uneaten nuts and sitting and waiting on one or possibly two squirrels to appear, I aggressively walk, hunt, call and cover a lot of ground to find large groups of squirrels. Squirrels often travel in bands with as few as five to as Click to enlargemany as 20 squirrels moving and feeding together. Hunting areas with larger numbers of squirrels allows me to take more bushytails in a shorter time. I call to the squirrels, listen for them to call back and then stalk in closer before I start calling again. Squirrel calling can add a new dimension to your bushytail experience and actually increase your odds of finding and taking more squirrels. The many new tactics that have been developed and the new calls on the market have made the sport of calling squirrels much more fun, exciting and productive than ever before.

“When squirrels eat nuts, they must first cut the hard, outer shell of the nut away from the meat of the nut with their teeth,” Brad Harris, Click to enlargenationally-known hunter, mentions. “This sound is very distinctive and often can lead hunters to bushytails. However, a hunter imitating this sound was difficult. But now there is a cutter call, which I have used on many occasions to take more than one squirrel out of the same tree. When you shoot the first squirrel, don’t retrieve it but instead, stand still. Then start using your cutter call. When squirrels hear the crack of a rifle or the blast of a shotgun, most of the time they aren’t aware of what has happened. But they will be frightened and will run to hide. When they hear that cutting sound made by feeding squirrels, they often will Click to enlargecome out of hiding thinking danger has passed and begin to feed once again. Using a cutting call, you may bag a limit out of a couple of trees in a short time.”

To make the cutting call, simply move the plastic pallet down the screw type sound chamber of the cutter call, using the same rhythm you hear squirrels make when they cut nuts. Remember, if you’re hunting an area with soft nuts like white oak acorns or water oak acorns, give the call lightly. But if you’re hunting a hickory ridge where bushytails must cut hard to break shells away from the nuts, call louder.


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Day 1: Calling All Bushytails
Day 2: Barking
Day 3: Screaming
Day 4: Cutting
Day 5: Rustling Leaves to Draw Squirrels



Entry 320, Day 4