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Rustling Leaves to Draw Squirrels

EDITOR’S NOTE: I've learned you can take more squirrels by talking and walking to bushytails rather than by sitting and waiting on them. Instead of moving into an area where I've seen cut nuts and uneaten nuts and sitting and waiting on one or possibly Click to enlargetwo squirrels to appear, I aggressively walk, hunt, call and cover a lot of ground to find large groups of squirrels. Squirrels often travel in bands with as few as five to as many as 20 squirrels moving and feeding together. Hunting areas with larger numbers of squirrels allows me to take more bushytails in a shorter time. I call to the squirrels, listen for them to call back and then stalk in closer before I start calling again. Squirrel calling can add a new dimension to your bushytail experience and actually increase your odds of finding and taking more squirrels. Click to enlargeThe many new tactics that have been developed and the new calls on the market have made the sport of calling squirrels much more fun, exciting and productive than ever before.

I often walk with a one-step or a two-step cadence to try and imitate the sounds I hear squirrels make as they walk through the woods. When I’m stalking a squirrel, I also will use the toe of my boot to scratch in the leaves to sound like squirrels scratching for nuts. I utilize squirrel sounds to disguise my movement from place to place. Too, I’ll add leaf movement between cutting sounds. Often feeding squirrels will cut a nut for awhile and then move through the leaves to find another nut to eat. By scratching in the leaves, you better can Click to enlargesimulate the searching and feeding sounds squirrels make. Often, these cutting and leaf rustling sounds will draw curious squirrels into your area.

Scopes and binoculars allow me to see and take squirrels at greater distances - especially in early morning and late-afternoon light. Also, squirrel calling allows me to hunt much more aggressively than the sitting and waiting method does. I can locate squirrels, stop them from running or climbing, lure them out of holes and cause them to come to me. Now when I hunt, I can make things happen to increase my enjoyment of the sport. For a more exciting squirrel hunt, give squirrel calling a try.

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