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EDITOR’S NOTE: Blue Bank Resort on Reelfoot Lake near Tiptonville, Tennessee, is in high gear in the fall, with anglers catching plenty of crappie, catfish and bass every day. Billy Blakely is the resort manager/chief guide and has been Click to enlargeguiding on Reelfoot for 23 years.

QUESTION: Why are there so many ducks at Reelfoot Lake?

BLAKELY: For one reason, we’re in the middle of the Mississippi Flyway. We also have four waterfowl refuges around the lake: Lake Isom, Grassy Unit Refuge, Long Point Refuge and Black Bayou Refuge.

QUESTION: When is the best time to duck hunt on Reelfoot Lake?

Click to enlargeBLAKELY: Early season is best because we have large numbers of ducks, but later in the season, we mainly have mallards and geese.

QUESTION: How many ducks will a hunter usually take in a morning of duck hunting?

BLAKELY: Getting a limit is not that difficult. With four to five people in a blind, they should get 25 to 30 ducks. We provide the callers, and the heat and prepare the food in the blind, which makes for an enjoyable hunt.

Click to enlargeQUESTION: Do you also offer a cast-and-blast deal?

BLAKELY: Yes, we do. If our sportsmen limit out early on ducks, they can bass and crappie fish later the same day.

You can call – 1-877-Blue Bank or visit to learn more.


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