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How Horton’s Crossbows Came About

Click to enlargeEditor’s note: The fastest-growing sport in archery today is crossbow hunting. This old method of archery has suddenly caught fire for many reasons. To learn why crossbows are making such a strong impact on the archery scene, we talked with Ottie Snyder, the media specialist fClick to enlargeor Horton Manufacturing Company.

QUESTION: How long has Horton manufacturing been in the crossbow business?
SNYDER: The first Horton crossbow was manufactured over 42 years ago, making Horton the oldest and largest crossbow manufacturer in the United States.

QUESTION: Why did Bernard Horton bring the crossbow back from extinction in the United States?
SNYDER: Bernard Horton was and is a stalk hunter. He enjoys archery. He likes to stalk rabbits, pheasants and deer, Click to enlargebut he had a problem with the vertical bow when he was trying to crawl and then had to get up to make his shot. So, Horton made a crossbow and found it easier to stalk rabbits and pheasants with his crossbow.

QUESTION: Are crossbows still being used in Europe?
SNYDER: Crossbow tournament shooting is very big in Europe today, and there’s still limited crossbow Click to enlargehunting. Many of the crossbow hunters in Italy wear period dress and use the old 6-foot-long crossbows to compete in the tournaments, but they use the smaller crossbows for hunting.

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