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The BogaGrip and Redfish

Click to enlargeQUESTION: Greg, why do you use the BogaGrip to land bull reds?
HILDRETH: Firstly, the BogaGrip doesn’t damage the fish in any way. The BogaGrip is very easy for me to use and allows me to get the fish out of the water and into the boat quickly. I don’t have to fight the fish out of a dip net, and I can weigh the fish as soon as it comes out of the water. Another great thing about the BogaGrip, is that you can send your BogaGrip to Click to enlargethe IGFA, (International Game Fish Association), and that organization will certify the scales. Then if you catch a record fish and weigh it on your BogaGrip scales, the record will be official. The BogaGrip also allows me to hand the fish to the customer, so that the customer can hold the redfish without actually touching it, have his or her picture made with the fish and then easily release the fish back to the water with the least trauma to the red.

QUESTION: When you fish for bull reds in clear waters, what color of Spike-It grubs do you like the best?
Click to enlarge HILDRETH: I like the clear or the pearl, both with a chartreuse-colored tail.

QUESTION: What type of retrieve do you use to catch these big types of redfish?
HILDRETH: The redfish are bottom feeders, and they like to see their bait. I’ve found we catch more fish using a bottom-hopping type of retrieve than if we use a steady type of retrieve. I fish the Spike-It jigs by waiting until we get a bite on our live bait before actually beginning to fish the jig Click to enlargeitself. You can spend an awful lot of time catching and retrieving, but not catching fish. With live bait swimming on the bottom, the bait will attract the redfish. Once we get a redfish on, that redfish is going to excite the other redfish in the school and this is when the school will start a feeding frenzy and hit almost any bait you throw in the water. We have a lot of fun catching big redfish on light tackle with Spike-It grubs once the fish start to rally.



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