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Chad Schearer

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Last year, I hunted with Chad Schearer, and this year he invited me on another hunt. As media-relations coordinator for Black Powder, Inc., Schearer plans and sets up trips like the one we went on this year for writers, clients and TV crews.

QUESTION: Chad, why did you decide to put this hunt together at Garden River Outfitters?
SCHEARER: I wanted to come up here and hunt, because I knew we’d have a chance to take world-class whitetails under fair-chase laws. Last year, I came up here to check out Garden River Outfitters. In the first four days of the hunt, I passed up 14-different bucks that would have scored from 125 to 140 points on Boone &Crockett scale. On the 50th hour of day five in my stand, I had a 151-3/8-inch-class buck come in that was a beautiful 5 x 6. I took him. Besides the big buck I bagged, I saw that Mo really took good care of his clients. Mo has a high return rate of clients, and I realize as an outfitter that that kind of return only comes with your clients’ loyalty. But if those clients aren’t seeing big bucks, no matter how loyal the outfitter or the client is, they won’t come back. So, the number of clients Mo has shows the phenomenal success of this outfitting business and the attention and care he gives his clients.

Click to enlargeQUESTION: Tell me about your hunt this year.
SCHEARER: On the first day of the hunt, the weather was cool, the deer were moving, and I saw several bucks in the 125- to 130-class B&C. I saw two 8 points, two 10 points and some smaller bucks. On the second day of the hunt, I had a spike come in three different times, but there wasn’t a lot of deer movement. On the third day, we went into our stand a little early, and within a short amount of time, there were a lot of deer moving. I had five does come in, and one of those does went over to a scrape and urinated in the scrape. I felt like we were going to have a good day of deer hunting. By 8:45 am, I saw something move in the brush, and I heard a buck grunt. I told my cameraman to get ready. We were filming a TV show, and I really needed to take a buck for the show. This buck grunted all the way in to our stand site and came within 50 yards of the blind where the cameraman and I were sitting. I had passed this buck up on the first day, but I’d listened to the weather report. I knew the weather was going to warm up to about 40 degrees, which was terrible for deer hunting in Canada. I looked at the deer and realized I had a cameraman next to me ready to go. The deer was standing broadside, so I made the decision to take the shot. The buck stomped his foot like he was going to leave, and he was at full alert when I took the shot. The buck ran about 30 to 40 yards. However, my .45-caliber bullet had done the trick, and the buck went down. I was shooting a CVA Kodiak Pro with the new laminated stock equipped with a 3200 Bushnell Elite 3-9X. The buck scored 135 B&C and was really a nice buck.

Click to enlargeQUESTION: Will you come back to Garden River Outfitters again?
SCHEARER: You bet I will. Garden River Outfitters is the place where you can have an opportunity for taking a world-class deer that will score 170 points or better. You can go to Texas and hunt, and many of those ranches will charge you according to the size of buck you take. But here, you pay one price, and you can take as big a buck as you see, and there’s never any additional charge. You can take a buck that will score 130 B&C or over 200 B&C and the price for the hunt won’t change. I think this is a great place to hunt. There’s plenty of big deer here, and it’s a unique experience.

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Click to enlargeFor more information on Garden River Outfitters, contact Mo Heisler at (306) 978-2307, or you can write to him at Box 929, Martinsville, Saskatchewan, SOK-2TO.

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