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Hollow Hunting Bucks

EDITOR’S NOTE: What would you do if you discovered where a trophy buck lived? Would you bet that this older-age-class deer wouldn't die or get killed before the next hunting season? And, if you didn't bag this big buck yourself, would you willingly share him with a buddy? Many hunters face these questions each season when they hunt big bucks. Before you Click to enlargeanswer, consider some of the reasons buddy hunting is better than hunting alone.

When hunting in hilly country, I like to buddy hunt either side of a ridge. If one hunter takes a stand on one side of the ridge, he can watch all the property on the side of the ridge where he sets up his tree stand. He also can see the valley and the ridge across from him. Then, if his buddy takes a stand on the opposite side of the ridge, the buddy can watch his side Click to enlargeof the ridge as well as the valley and the other side of the ridge. Using this system of buddy hunting for bucks, hunters can cover twice as much property. Also, if the hunters use hand-held two-way radios, and the hunter on one ridge spots a buck crossing the ridge, he can notify the hunter on the other side of the deer's location or the likelihood of the deer's presenting the second hunter with a shot. However, if you plan to use radios to hunt deer, make sure you can legally use this tactic in the Click to enlargestate where you hunt.

Buddy hunting, whether you hunt with guns or with bows, offers a definite advantage over hunting by yourself. Two hunters easily can cover more ground and help each other find, call and take big bucks. Finally, you may find that you enjoy sharing the woods, the hunt and the hunting experience with friends and family more than hunting alone. So try buddy hunting this season.


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