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Other Advantages of Buddy Hunting

EDITOR’S NOTE: What would you do if you discovered where a trophy buck lived? Would you bet that this older-age-class deer wouldn't die or get killed before the next hunting season? And, if you didn't bag this big buck yourself, would you willingly share Click to enlargehim with a buddy? Many hunters face these questions each season when they hunt big bucks. Before you answer, consider some of the reasons buddy hunting is better than hunting alone.

Buddy hunting bucks has many other advantages. Consider the following. If you...
* shoot a deer, and you need or want help blood trailing, your buddy can help you.
Click to enlarge * bag a buck, your buddy can help you drag the deer out of the woods.
* get sick or have a tree-stand accident, your buddy can come to your aid.
* compare notes with your buddy, you'll learn twice as much about the places you and your buddy have hunted.
* use grunting and rattling techniques, your buddy may can see the way deer react to your calling – even if he doesn't get a shot.
* carry two-way radios, Click to enlargeyour buddy can notify you about another approaching hunter.
* find a small patch of cover that possibly may hold a bedding buck, your buddy can approach that cover from upwind while you take a stand downwind.

Often if a buck holds in that cover, simply smelling an approaching hunter will cause that buck to stand up and try to sneak out of that cover where you can get a shot. Although buddy hunting does increase the incidents of human odor and often the amount of sound in the woods, buddy hunting also doubles your ability to hear and see bucks.

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