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Selecting Clothes for Rabbit Hunting

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Rabbit hunting comes in several variations, but all of themClick to enlarge are fun. Here's how to score, using the various tried-and-true methods.

Experience is the best teacher for successful rabbit hunting. A lack of know-how can be a terrible way to learn what to wear and not wear on a rabbit hunt. Early in my rabbit-hunting career when courage and macho superseded sanity and reason, I was strictly a blue jean-clad rabbit hunter. I thought anyone who wore briar-busting britches with some type of thorn-proof material on the front of them just wasn't as tough as they should be to hunt rabbits. But since Click to enlargethen, I have come to really appreciate a goodClick to enlarge pair of briar-shedding hunting pants. I now realize that they are essential equipment-no matter where or how I hunt rabbits. I also prefer a briar-resistant hunting coat and some type of hunting cap that can be pulled down over my ears. At least once on every hunting trip, one of the rabbits I take will dive into a head-high briar thicket to expire. So to retrieve the downed game, I must plunge into the thorns. To make my ordeal as painless as possible, I wear the kind of clothes that offer the most protection. I have also found that some type of hunter orange flag on the back and front of my hunting coat and/or wearing a brightly-colored hat makes me more visible and is a sensible consideration when a number of hunters are trying to head off a rabbit running in heavy cover.


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