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Wanted – Big Bass Only

EDITOR’S NOTE: Winning $65,000 and the title that went with it, Angler-of-the-Year on the Forest L. Woods (FLW) tour, prove that Greg Hackney knows how to catch bass. One of the newest members of the Strike King Pro Staff, Hackney from Gonzalez, Louisiana, has been fishing professional tournament circuits for 5 years. However, he’s been competing in bass-fishing tournaments since he was only 11-years old. Hackney is the number-two pro in the nation according to Click to This week he’ll tell us how to catch bass during March.

QUESTION: What do you think about Strike King’s new swim bait called the King Kong?

HACKNEY: I’ve experimented with swim baits this past year, and I’m really excited about the King Kong. This bait catches giant bass. This year on the Elite BASS Tour in the first five tournaments, the winning angler may have to produce 100 pounds of bass to win, because all these first five lakes are big-bass lakes. Click to enlargeThe series starts off at Lake Amistad on the Texas-Mexico border. That lake has a lot of big bass in it, and I think Strike King’s new King Kong swim bait is going to be deadly-effective there. But, I think that the King Kong is going to be a key bait on lakes where you have plenty of big bass. This is not to say that the lure won’t catch smaller bass because it will. I think that the King Kong bait is primarily made for big-bass fishing. You may not get a lot of strikes on it, but I feel like most Click to enlargeof the fish that strike this lure will be monster bass. This lure is more of a largemouth bass bait than it is a spotted bass bait due to the fact that largemouth bass grow bigger than smallmouth bass or spotted bass. I think the King Kong is also a situation bait. When you’re in a situation on a lake or fishing a spot that you think should hold large bass, I think you should try Strike King’s King Kong swim bait. I know that swim baits have been most-effective on big lakes on the West Coast and the extreme Southwest. For some reason, swim baits haven’t seemed to migrate to the East as fast as other West Coast baits have. You can bet that when I’m fishing in the South, especially in lakes that have a reputation for producing big bass, I’m going to be fishing the King Kong swim bait.

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