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Why Aren’t Old Lures Reintroduced?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Keith Jones, director of fish research for the Pure Fishing Laboratory in Spirit Lake, Iowa, has been studying bass for over 16 years. He’s an expert in the field of bass behavior. Jones’ scientific research involves finding out what Click to enlargefactors will make bass attack lures and baits.

When we asked why lure companies don’t reintroduce some of the highly-productive classic baits, Jones explains that, “Lure technology has changed over the years. The materials that we’re using to make baits now are far superior to the materials of baits in years past, including the hooks and the finishes on the baits, Click to enlargeespecially crankbaits. The castability and the way the lures run in the water are much improved over the old lures.

So, the new lures should catch more bass than the old lures do, unless the same lure is fished continuously in the same region. Too, many lure makers now copy a type from different manufacturers, yet the lure will look and perform differently. There’s nothing wrong with modern-day lures, which actually should catch more bass than the older lures. The old lures don’t have anything wrong with them either, except for not having the latest technology built into them. If you can take Click to enlargesome of the really-hot old lures and revamp them with new technology, then you’ll have the best of both worlds, which may produce an outstanding bass lure.”

Jones' research shows why hot old lures can cause as many bass today to go on feeding sprees as they did upon the introductions of those lures. Too, we also can see why new lures built on classic designs with new materials and up-to-date technology built into them catch bass. For a hot new lure that the bass haven’t seen before that may help you to catch more bass than you’ve ever taken before, step back, and consider some of the old baits from yesteryear. You may discover a lure no one else uses that the bass will want to bite.

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