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Click to enlargeFishing for Specks, Reds and Flounder with Gary Davis

Trolling for Monster Reds

EDITOR’S NOTE: Editor’s Note: Gary Davis has fished the Mobile Delta area around Foley, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan, Alabama, all his life. He knows where the speckled trout, redfish, and flounder will migrate – almost before they know themselves. As a full-time fishing guide, Davis makes his living knowing what tackle and what line produce best throughout the year.

Click to enlargeAt the mouth of Mobile Bay, just off Alabama’s coast, out in front of old Fort Morgan, there’s a sandbar that comes up from deep water known as the Deep Sea Bar. Throughout most of the year, you can catch giant redfish on top and along the edges of the Deep Sea Bar using Spike-It grubs on 20-pound-test Mossy Oak Fishing Line. However, at the end of March, the redfish have moved off the bar and are holding in 40 feet of water on the south end of the old lighthouse island. To catch these fish, I’ll troll a Mann’s Stretch 2000 crankbait that dives down 25 to 30 feet or deeper, depending on how fast your boat is going. I’ll use the Spike-It markers to put red along the gills and the lateralClick to enlarge line of this big crankbait. I’ve found by painting the red on the crankbait, I get more strikes. I usually troll at about 2 knots with 20-pound-test Mossy Oak Fishing Line. When I first started trolling, I used 30-pound-test, but then I found that Mossy Oak Fishing Line is as strong at 20-pound-test as the other brand was at 30-pound-test. Too, the smaller diameter 20-pound-test Mossy Oak Fishing Line enables my grubs to get down quicker and deeper than they’ll dive with that 30-pound-test line.

Even when I’m throwing the lure for redfish, I want to fish with as light a line as I can fish with that has the strength in the line to land Click to enlargea big red. The redfish we’re catching will weigh from 20- to 30-pounds each. I usually have two to three anglers each day I fish, so we can keep three to four of those big reds, one redfish per angler of that size per day. Redfishing is pretty tough here in April, but generally I can find one big red for each person in my party. I’ve also caught a good number of these big reds with live shrimp or sheepshead around the rocks at the lighthouse.

To fish with Gary Davis, you can contact him at 251-942-6298 or 251-943-6298.

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