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Click to enlargeFishing for Specks, Reds and Flounder with Gary Davis

Reds on the Waterway

EDITOR’S NOTE: Editor’s Note: Gary Davis has fished the Mobile Delta area around Foley, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan, Alabama, all his life. He knows where the speckled trout, redfish, and flounder will migrate – almost before they know themselves. As a full-time fishing guide, Davis makes his living Click to enlargeknowing what tackle and what line produce best throughout the year.

Another coastal area that often gets overlooked along the Upper Gulf Coast near Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, is the Intercoastal Waterway, or as we call it, the canal. In April, we catch a lot of redfish in the canal. We’re catching redfish on Spike-It grubs around the bridge that goes from Foley to Gulf Shores and along the banks of the canal. We’re catching slot fish that’ll weigh from 4-to 6-pounds each and 24- toClick to enlarge 27-inches long. You can keep three per person of these smaller reds. The colored grubs I like best are white and gray or earth white. I really like the holographic-colored grubs that Spike-It makes because they put off lots of flashes. I’ll often dye the tails of my grubs with the chartreuse Spike-It dye. Since I’m fishing around rough cover, I’ll usually be fishing with a Mossy Oak Fishing’s 8- or 10-pound-test line. We can generally get our limit of three fish per Click to enlargeperson in the canal.

In March, I made a new discovery: the worse the weather is, the bigger the size of the redfish. While we had 20- to 25-mile per hour winds coming out of the north in our area this spring, I was catching more and bigger redfish than I was on those bluebird days when everyone likes to fish.

To fish with Gary Davis, you can contact him at 251-942-6298 or 251-943-6298.

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