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EDITOR’S NOTE: Bass wise-up to lures the more frequently they see them. When anglers buy old lures and fish them, they quickly discover that the old lures are catching as many, if not more, bass than they did when they were new. The reason is that these older lures are ones that the bass haven’t seen before. Click to enlargeAnglers fishing these old lures have new confidence in the old ones that win big-money tournaments. We’ll talk this week with some of the nation’s top pros to learn what old lures they’re still using and why.

“The Cotton Cordell Big O, one of the original alphabet baits so popular 10- to 20-years ago, has a wide wobble and deflects off cover, making it one of my favorite crankbaits for fishing visible cover in shallow water. The Big O set the bass-fishing world on fire when it first came out and still Click to enlargetoday produces plenty of bass. I’ve talked to some bass anglers who used this lure before I even started fishing and said they had to get on a list at the sporting-goods store to buy one. One of my favorite colors of Big O is chartreuse with a black back and chartreuse with a light brown back. If the water’s clear, I’ll throw a shad pattern Big O. I like to cast the Big O on blown-down trees, stumps and boat dock pilings and hit the cover with the lure. I enjoy fishing the P70 Pop-R, Rebel’s biggest Pop-R, that was taken off the market for a number of years. Rebel recently reintroduced the lure because so many professional bass anglers were still Click to enlargeusing the P70 Pop-R, and they couldn’t get any more of them. The P70 has two top-water actions built into the one bait. It pops the surface of the water and creates a splash like other Pop-Rs do, but because of its size, you can also walk-the-dog with it like you do a Zara Spook. The action and the splash of this bait are unique and seem to drive the bass crazy. If when you’re popping this bait you’ll make short twitches with your rod tip, you can cause the lure to pop and walk-the-dog at the same time.”

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