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EDITOR’S NOTE: Bass wise-up to lures the more frequently they see them. When anglers buy old lures and fish them, they quickly discover that the old lures are catching as many, if not more, bass than they did when they were new. The reason is that these older lures are ones that the bass haven’t seen before. Anglers fishing these old lures have new confidence in the old ones that win big-money tournaments. We talk this week with some of the nation’s top pros to learn what old lures they’re still using and why.

Click to enlarge“I also take the old Weed Wing, a different type of buzzbait that’ll come through pond scum and weeds that no other buzzbait will come through in my tackle box,” Nixon explains. “Too, the Buck’s Buzzer is another classic buzzbait I always take with me. Many of these old lures were designed and built to fit specific fishing problems – not to work everywhere all the time. When you’re out on a lake and encounter a unique fishing situation, many times you can solve this fishing problem with a classic lure. At one time, the old Berkley Gator Tail Click to enlargeplastic worm was one of the hottest plastic worms on the market but mostly has been forgotten now. Bass probably won’t have seen the unique action of this lure, which works when other plastic worms won’t. I guarantee if I fish on a river system that has the factors that will cause me to use that bait, I believe I can win the tournament. The Bayou Boogie, another classic lure today's top pros use to earn nice paychecks, is one I’ve lost. I don’t have any more personally, but pros still catch bass on the Bayou Boogie. The Zara Spook is a classic lure that people don’t forget, mainly due to its unique action. I like to fish the Zara Spook during the spawn and post-spawn, primarily from May throughout the summer, especially Click to enlargewhen bass are schooling. Most of today's bass tournament anglers carry old lures in their tackle boxes, however, the general public doesn’t know they’re using these antique lures until suddenly someone wins tournament with them. The fishermen nor the manufacturers are promoting these lures. That’s when a light bulb goes off in a fisherman's brain, and he’ll say to himself, ‘I remember that old lure now. I’d totally forgotten about it.’ There’s a time and a place to pull out an old lure from years ago, use it and catch bass that no one else can catch.”

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