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How to Have All the Hunting Land You Want to Hunt

Find Land to Hunt

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Do you want to have all the land you need to hunt and even more? Instead of you looking for land to hunt, how about if farmers and ranchers call you to come hunt their properties? Predator hunters often enjoy these kinds of perks. When coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, foxes and/or feral hogs create problems for landowners, deer hunters and turkey hunters, anyone who can remove these predators generally has an open-ended invitation and a warm welcome awaiting him to hunt new property. Click to enlargePredators kill and eat newborn livestock, including calves, lambs, goats, deer fawns, occasionally adult deer, poultry, domestic pets at times and turkey poults. They also destroy turkey nests and the nests of songbirds. In years past, trappers have kept predator numbers down. However, with the decrease in fur prices for many years, the predator hunter has replaced the trapper in many areas as the way to keep predator populations in check. Therefore, to have all the hunting land you want to hunt, become a predator hunter.

Click to enlargeTo discover new land to hunt deer and turkeys on, become a predator hunter in the off-season. To find that property:
* knock on doors of landowners, and ask if they mind if you hunt the coyotes, foxes, hogs and bobcats there. Very few landowners will refuse you, especially during the off-season from hunting deer and turkeys.
* call the conservation officer in the area you want to hunt. Tell him you enjoy hunting predators, and ask him if he has the names of landowners having problems with predators. Then you can call them and offer to remove some of these animals.
* talk to your county agent, and inquire whether or not he’s had any reports of crop damage due Click to enlargeto predators from the farmers in his area. Let him know that you’re more than happy to go in and help remove some of those predators. The landowner may get a crop depredation permit from the state to hunt predators year-round, if the predators have damaged or destroyed crops.

While the availability of land to hunt on has shrunk, the amount of land that predator hunters can hunt now seems endless. Most of the predator hunters I know have more land to hunt than they ever possibly can hunt.

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