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Finding Nighttime Bass With Your Ears

Editor’s Note: Pat Cullin of Georgia, another big-bass fishing specialist, heard of L.J. Brasher’s fishing technique for outlasting big bass. However, Cullin decided to modify Brasher’s heavy-handed method to suit his fishing style better. Cullin is a night-fishing purist. He angles only at Click to enlargenight and does not adhere to the philosophy of outlasting the bass.

“I have learned that on dark, overcast nights you don’t have to continue to circle a lake to find big bass,” Cullin explains. ”By listening for the fish to roll, you can often pinpoint the most-productive water in any lake or pond. I have also observed that the area of the lake where I’ve heard the most frogs and crickets will usually be the region Click to enlargewhere the most and the biggest bass are concentrated. I believe that bass can hear big frogs croaking and that they move into the places with the most activity to look for a meal.”

Cullin’s theory may sound strange to some, however, in one week he produced 10 bass that weighed 10 or more pounds each. Cullin prefers a lighter line (25-pound test) than Brasher. But he too fishes a stiff rod and employs a casting reel. “I know I can boat a big bass by tightening my drag and using heavier line. However, I like to play the fish to the boat. I enjoy battling the big bass more than catching them. I release 90% of all the big fish I catch. Then I can go out again and fish for them. That may be Click to enlargeone of the reasons I can take a lot of big bass. I know where they are because I have caught them there before. I really enjoy going out after supper and waging war on big bass. My technique has allowed me to land some really-nice fish.”

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