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Big Bass By Starlight

Secret Night-Fishing Hot Spots

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Too often when we think about catching a big bass, we think about fishing faraway places and hiring expensive guides. However, I have seen many wall-sized bass come right out from under other anglers’ noses. Try fishing for big bass in local, familiar places.

One of the best places to catch a trophy bass at night is a pond near or in a housing development. These ponds are where all the neighborhood kids sail boats, retired folks sit around in lawClick to enlargen chairs and would-be anglers test their skills. The bass in these subdevelopment ponds are trained. They know when people are active and in most cases rarely get caught. But at night when the activity on the lake is over, these big bass often will feed.

Another productive night-fishing hot spot for bass are lakes at golf courses or amusement parks. All day long these bass are bombarded with golf balls and noisy people. Then at night when the activity leaves the lake, the hawgs come out to feed. There’ve been many a big bass taken from a golf course at night that no one Click to enlargehas realized is there for the catching. From experience I have found that wherever most people say there are no bass there may be a hawg waiting to be caught. Old quarries that many folks are convinced hold nothing but small bream in them and no bass may yield Click to enlargelunkers. There may be only one or two bass in an area like this, but because of the abundance of baitfish, the lack of competition for the baitfish and the lack of fishing pressure, the region can. So, if you’re looking to catch a bass to hang on the wall, you may want to angle after dark. You may be surprised to find that big bass do bite by starlight, and often nighttime fishing does yield big bass because very-few anglers will be fishing then.

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