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Summertime Bass Fishing with George Cochran

Phase Three – Deep Dock Tactics

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: George Cochran of Hot Springs, Arkansas, won the FLW Championship in 2005. In August, 2006, the FLW Championship will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, on Logan Martin Lake. Cochran should feel like Brer Rabbit being thrown in the briar patch because if there’s ever been a tournament where Cochran’s the odds-on-favorite, it will be this year’s FLW Championship. When the Bassmasters Classic was held on the same lake, Cochran finished 9th, and he also won the Bassmasters Classic held on nearby Lay Lake in August, 1996, under extremely-hot weather conditions. The city of Birmingham hClick to enlargeas been good to Cochran’s reputation and his bank account just about every time he’s fished there. We asked Cochran how he plans to fish the Dog Days of August during the FLW Championship when the surface temperatures will reach over 100 degrees.

Question: O.k. George, it’s the middle of the day, the weather’s hot, the sky’s high, and shallow-water fishing has more or less ended. Where will you go next?
Cochran: I’m going to move out to those deep docks that are on the ledge on the main lake that may have 15 to 20 feet of depth in front of them. These are the docks that deep-water bass will move into to try to find some shade. Then they can feed when they’re reaClick to enlargedy to feed. When I’m fishing these kinds of deep docks, I’ll be fishing the 5-inch Strike King 3X Finesse Worm. I’ll either rig it Texas style or with a jighead and fish it as a shaky head. On those main lake docks, the water’s going will be real clear most of the time. I’ll also downsize my tackle and use 8-pound-test line, a 1/8-ounce jighead and the 3X Finesse Worm in a shad color. I’m expecting these main lake docks to have brush around them and/or in front of them. These kinds of docks usually hold more than one fish. They’ll usually hold a school of bass. Most of the time, I’ll be fishing a Strike King Finesse Worm shaky-head style. But if I’m fishing down through brush, I’ll rig the worm TeClick to enlargexas style.

Question: You’ve started using the shaky-head tactic quite a bit now haven’t you, George?
Cochran: Yes, I have, and everyone else has too. Everywhere that there’s a major bass tournament, we’ll have heavy bass fishing pressure on that lake because there are so many people that love to bass fish. In many tournaments, power-fishing is a tactic that’s hard to be successful with day after day. So, more of the pro-anglers are starting to finesse fish because they get more bites and catch more bass, especially in the hottest part of the day.

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