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The Catmobile

How Burrell Hunts Year-Round Hunting from the Catmobile

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: The Catmobile, a varmint-hunting van designed by Gordon Burrell, a professional varmint hunter, will help you take more predators. Burrell says,“I’ve built the Catmobile to keep my hunters warm, dry and comfortable and to make sure we leave little or no scent in the areas we hunt.” Burrell’s hunters only get out of the van to retrieve a downed varmint, remaining the rest of the time inside the van or looking out the top of the van while Burrell or the hunters call to the varmints.

According to Burrell, he can hunt predators year-round in the Catmobile. “We can hunt with a light at night all year long in Texas foClick to enlarger non fur-bearing animals,” Burrell reports. “We can hunt fur-bearing animals in Texas all year. Although the top domestic fur-bearing animals in Texas are bobcats, they’re not listed as fur-bearing and neither are coyotes. In Texas, fur-bearing animals are classified as coons, foxes, skunks and badgers. Coyotes and bobcats are not classified as fur-bearing animals. Because of the tremendous population of feral hogs, neither are they. Hogs can be hunted in Texas by day and night, with or without dogs. There’s no limit on the number you can take. On the La Escalera Ranch, you can shoot coyotes, coons in season, bobcats and hogs.” After our hunt in the Catmobile, I asked Al Morris what he’d learned from that night in the Catmobile. His answer was, “Most of the areas I hunt in the Northwest can’t be hunted at night. After the hunt in the Catmobile, I not only learned how Texas hunters hunt predators at night, but I learned how to hunt right. Gordon has years of hunting experience learning how to hunt right, and also in building a machine like the Catmobile that’s strictly designed for predator hunting and predator hunters. The Catmobile’s one of the neatest hunting macClick to enlargehines I’ve ever seen because: it’s extremely comfortable; there’s light inside so you can see and get to your equipment easily; there are plug-ins for the lights to keep the cords from going all over the van and being in the way. Then when you stand up in the hole in the roof, you have a solid shooting platform to shoot from, a good rest to lay your rifle on, and a convenient place to put your calls. Once you take a predator, you can open the back door of the van and hang your animal on the rack there. I really like the two-light setup that Burrell uses with the rheostat on his headlight and the big spotlight inside the coffee can, to keep the lights out of the hunter’s eyes and scope. I think the most-important aspect of hunting with Gordon is that he teaches you how to predator hunt effectively.”

Morris also mentioneClick to enlarged the safety of hunting from inside a van instead of on a platform in an open truck. “Inside the Catmobile, you have a completely-controlled environment for the hunters and their guns,” Morris emphasizes. “Gordon has made predator hunting idiot-proof. Regardless of the hunter’s experience or inexperience, they can get in the Catmobile and have a fun, safe night of predator calling and hunting. We don’t want anyone to get hurt by falling off a truck or tripping when they’re walking. This style of predator hunting ensures that every aspect of the hunt is safe. For me, this hunt has been totally awesome to be able to watch a true wolfer ply his craft and a master of the sport bring the level of predator hunting to this degree.”

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