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The Catmobile

The Evolution of the Catmobile

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: The Catmobile, a varmint-hunting van designed by Gordon Burrell, a professional varmint hunter, will help you take more predators. Burrell says,“I’ve built the Catmobile to keep my hunters warm, dry and comfortable and to make sure we leave little or no scent in the areas we hunt.” Burrell’s hunters only get out of the van to retrieve a downed varmint, remaining the rest of the time inside the van or looking out the top of the van while Burrell or the hunters call to the varmints.

Click to enlargeBurrell developed the sliding roof in his Catmobile through trial and error. “We first used a plywood lid that was on hinges,” Burrell describes. “When we wanted to call, we simply pushed the plywood open, propped it up and called and shot. When we were finished hunting, we pulled the lid down and moved to the next location. However, we grew tired of raising and lowering the wooden roof. Too, sometimes, that plywood roof fell and hit us on our heads. To build a better roof for the Catmobile, we came up with the idea for the sliding Plexiglas that’s on a track on the roof to insure it’s easy to open and close. This way, the roof moves silently and effortlessly. Another reason we like the sliding roof is that Click to enlargewe’ve discovered that one of the best times to hunt varmints is when a light rain’s falling. I’ve taken as many as eight bobcats on a drizzly night. Too, when I stop to call, I can slide the roof forward so that it’s right at my back. I’ll have my rain jacket on and be oClick to enlargeut in the weather calling, while my hunters are sitting warm and dry inside the van. Once I see the eyes of the predators coming in, I simply push back the roof. My clients can get their guns out of the rack, stand up and ready to take the shot without having to get soaking wet. The other advantage to this system is on cold rainy nights, I’ll stay warm. The heat from inside the van will come through the roof and keep me warm.”

For more information you can contact Rick Adley of Trophy Wildlife Adventures at (817) 656-1200.

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