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Your Dog Won't Mind Now What?

Heel and Sit

Charlie Jurney Editor’s Note: Charlie Jurney of Terrell, North Carolina, the author of “Finished Dog,” trains all breeds of dogs but focuses primarily on Labrador and golden retrievers and Boykin spaniels. His dogs compete in the Hunting Retriever Club Division of the United Kennel Club and in the American Kennel Club Hunt Test Program anCharlie Jurney d the North American Hunting Retriever Association Field Test Program. He’s titled hundreds of grand master hunters, grand hunting retriever champions, master hunters and hunter retrieving championships and has won 10 Boykin Spaniel National Championships, all performance-based retrieving titles.

HEEL – The heel command has two parts: “no” and “heel.” The command “no” means “stop; pay attention; you’re doing it wrong.” The heel command alerts the dog to, “walk right beside me – not in front of or behind me and not 4-feet away fCharlie Jurney rom me.
“The best way to teach the heel command is to keep the dog on the leash, and, as you walk, change directions,” Jurney explains. “If the dog doesn’t change directions when you do, jerk its collar, and give the two commands, ‘No. Heel.’ Then the dog understands it’s going in the wrong direction and that you want him to walk beside you.”
If the dog lags behind you, keep walking. The collar will correct the dog, which will yield to the collar’s pressure. If the dog tries to get ahead of you, turn, go the other direction, and give the two commands “No. Heel.” Remember yoCharlie Jurney u’re the Alpha member of the pack, and the dog’s the Beta member.
SIT – When you teach the dog to sit, give the command “Sit.” Then pull up on its leash, and push down on its rear. The dog needs to sit and stay seated until you give the next command. Teach the “Here, no, heel, sit” drills each day until they become automatic responses.
To learn more, go to or email Or, you can call or write Charlie Jurney at Beaverdam Kennels at (828) 478-3101 or (828) 478-3943; 8200 Hwy. 150 Terrell, NC 28682. For more information on SportDOG Brand collars, call (865) 218-4088 or 1 (800) 732-0144 or visit

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