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Your Dog Won't Mind Now What?

HLevels 2 and 3

Charlie Jurney Editor’s Note: Charlie Jurney of Terrell, North Carolina, the author of “Finished Dog,” trains all breeds of dogs but focuses primarily on Labrador and golden retrievers and Boykin spaniels. His dogs competCharlie Jurney e in the Hunting Retriever Club Division of the United Kennel Club and in the American Kennel Club Hunt Test Program and the North American Hunting Retriever Association Field Test Program. He’s titled hundreds of grand master hunters, grand hunting retriever champions, master hunters and hunter retrieving championships and has won 10 Boykin Spaniel National Championships, all performance-based retrieving titles.

Level 2:
Now that the dog does the “here, no, heel and sit” drill automatically on lead, leave the leash on the dog’s collar, and let the dog drag the leash aroCharlie Jurney und while going through the same commands. “If the dog doesn’t respond properly, you can quickly and easily pick up the leash, correct the dog, and go through the drill again,” Jurney says. “To train a dog quickly, correct it as soon as it fails to obey a command. Work your dog for 10 minutes, twice per day to have a very-precise dog within 4 to 6 weeks.”
Level 3:
Take the leCharlie Jurney ash off the dog’s collar, but keep it in your hand as you train the dog to perform the same commands off-leash. “You keep the leash in your hand so the dog can see it. Too, you’ll have it readily available if you need to correct the dog,” Jurney mentions. “To correct the dog, put the leash back on, take the dog to the last place where it was successful, and repeat the drill.”
To learn more, go to or email Or, you can call or write Charlie Jurney at Beaverdam Kennels at (828) 478-3101 or (828) 478-3943; 8200 Hwy. 150 Terrell, NC 28682. For more information on SportDOG Brand collars, call (865) 218-4088 or 1 (800) 732-0144 or visit

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