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Advanced Tree Stand Strategies

Where To Put Your Tree Stand

Editor’s Note: Paying attention to small details will spell success when tree stand hunting. The sportsman who knows where and why a trophy buck will hold and move during daylight hours often bags more deer from a tree stand than from a ground blind. Try these advanced tree-stand tactics from longtime, avid deer hunter John Louk of Petal, Mississippi, this season, and you may take the buck of a lifetime.


Choosing the site you'll hunt from also may determine your hunting success. John Louk suggests if you hunt in unfamiliar territory that you select two or three different trees when scouting to place your tree stand in later. "Most hunters are scouting when leaves are still hanging on the trees," Louk says. "When a hunter comes back to the area he's scouted earlier to hunt two or three weeks later and the leaves have fallen off the tree he's chosen, he may be totally exposed if he climbs the tree. However, if he selects two or three trees for possible stand sites, then he'll know which tree will provide the best back cover for him, if the leaves do fall off."


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