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Big Bucks Where No One Can Hunt Them but You

Weird Places to Find Trophy Bucks Where No One Can Hunt

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Thousands of acres of land throughout the country home trophy bucks. Often the landowners don't hunt these properties. But they also may not allow anyone else to because they've had bad experiences with hunters in the past or can find no benefits in letting someone hunt their lands. To have a trophy, big-buck hotspot no one else but you can hunt, solve a landowner's problem before you ask permission to hunt. Here are a few ways to hunt lands no one else can hunt by solving the landowner’s problems first.Click to enlarge

Everyone knows you don't find deer in abandoned strip mines. Devoid of cover, these regions have little or no natural food to draw deer to them. No one hunts these strip mines because everyone knows no deer live on them. However, during hunting season, oftentimes you'll find briar patches and brush in the valleys of steep-sloped, abandoned mining areas but probably little food. But a big buck may hold in a sparse-covered place like this during daylight hours to dodge hunter pressure. To take a buck out of these regions, let one man walk through the valley slowly and quietly while the other hunterClick to enlarge stands at the other end of the valley and watches for the buck to come slipping out. Also remember that strip miners can't cut the timber next to a flowing stream or cemeteries on the land they strip. In many rural areas, you'll find small family cemeteries out in the middle of either a strip-mined area or a clear-cut region. These old abandoned cemeteries only may cover less than 1/2-acre but may contain large oak trees. The deer have learned that during the winter they can move into the cemeteries,Click to enlarge feed on the acorns under the oaks that have grown up among the tombstones and never have hunters harass them.
Few, if any, hunters will hang a tree stand in the middle of a 1/2-acre cemetery surrounded by a 100-acre clearcut or strip mine. However, the sportsmen who scout these places often will find that big bucks bed and feed among the tombs and no one ever hunts them there. Also, you'll usually find gaining permission to hunt an abandoned strip mine or a large clearcut not very difficult. Generally you can hunt the many weird places and small plots where big bucks hold by simply asking permission. If you discover what problems a landowner has and solve his problems for him, you can ask him if you can hunt his prime, posted, private lands. When you provide a service to him, many times he will extend the hand of friendship to you, which may include the opportunity to hunt his lands. Then you can bag the big bucks no one else can hunt.

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