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Overlook the Obvious for Successful Deer Hunting

Other Tactics

Greg MillerEditor’s Note: You can scout out the perfect spot for taking deer, put up your stand and camp out to wait for deer to come along, but all your work will do you no good if you’ve picked an obvious place that other hunters also will choose. The trick to bagging big bucks is to think like other hunters don’t. Here are some tricks I’ve learned through years of deer hunting that have helped me overlook the obvious and take more bucks.Greg Miller

Lead Them to You:
Like humans, deer will travel the path of least resistance. Bucks with wide, tall antlers may avoid thick cover areas. However, if you'll go into the center of any thicket and cut a 2 foot wide trail that runs in the same direction as the prevailing wind, the deer generally will use that trail to move through the thicket. For instance, to cut a trail into a gallberry thicket, I'll go 20 to 30 yards into that thicket. I'll cut a trail that runs from northwest to the southeast, since a northwest wind usually prevails in Greg MillerAlabama, my home state. I can take a stand on the end of that trail and look down the trail with the wind in my face.
Hunt the Clear-cuts:
Have you ever had a productive hunting area Greg Millerthat someone has cut as clear and clean as the sidewalk in front of your house? Study that section of land, and look for deer trails. Deer often will use the same trails to go across a property after someone clear cuts it as they have used before. Map out these trails on paper. As the young pines and the brush start growing back, notice that the deer still will follow the same trails. Once the young trees and brush reach shoulder high, move into these clear-cuts. Hunt the trails that the deer will continue to use and the exit points where these trails come out of or go into the clear-cut or the windrows.

Tomorrow: Hunt When Other Hunters Don't

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