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Overlook the Obvious for Successful Deer Hunting

Hunt When Other Hunters Don’t

Greg Miller Editor’s Note: You can scout out the perfect spot for taking deer, put up your stand and camp out to wait for deer to come along, but all your work will do you no good if you’ve picked an obvious place that other hunters also will choose. The trick to bagging big bucks is to think like other hunters don’t. Here are some tricks I’ve learned through years of deer hunting that have helped me overlook the obvious and take more bucks.

Greg MillerHunt When Other Hunters Don't:
Most hunters like to get up in the morning, drink their coffee, eat their breakfast and reach their stands 20 to 30 minutes before daylight. But if you'll get up 30 minutes before the other hunters, skip the coffee and breakfast, and reach your stand an hour before the other hunters ever come into the woods; then as they enter the woods they'll drive big bucks toward you.
Or, if you sleep in one morning and leave to hunt when the other hunters return for lunch, you can hunt through the middle of the day when the other hunters don't hunt and the Greg Millerbig deer will move. If you'll go deep away from an access road, stay in your tree stand, and hunt the last legal minute of shooting time, you'll hunt at a time when most other hunters don't hunt, because they can't navigate in the woods after dark.
Learn To Scout For Hunters Like You Scout For Deer:
If you'll begin to Greg Millerpattern the deer hunters where you hunt, you'll understand what the deer know. When you can think like a trophy buck, you can outsmart a trophy buck. Learn where other hunters hunt by studying trash trails. At the end of the season, search look for cigarette butts, candy wrappers, empty pop cans, flagging tape and scars on trees where hunters have put up their tree stands in the woods. Mark all these spots with your hand-held GPS receiver. Then when you hunt next year, look at the waypoints you've marked as high hunter activity spots. Avoid these sites just like trophy bucks do. When you bag a trophy buck in an area, you usually can return there year after year and consistently take a big buck. A trophy buck understands he can hide there without encountering any other hunters besides you, if you don't tell all your friends where you hunt.


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