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You Won’t Strike Out When Hunting With Central Montana Outfitters

Take a Break And Hunt Pheasants And Partridges

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: I love to do any type of hunting. I’ve learned many years ago that some of the biggest white-tailed deer in the nation live in the Northwest. And, although I love to hunt mule deer, I truly enjoy hunting big whitetails.

The second and third days of my hunt were much like my first. I‘d see several 8-point bucks with about 18 inches of inside spread of their main beams and other smaller bucks each day. However, the big whitetail buck I wanted to take always appeared out in the middle of the field, 300-400 yards from any coverClick to enlarge. So, on the third and fourth days of my hunt, I decided to short-cut my morning hunts and spend the middle of those days hunting the plentiful Hungarian partridge and pheasant. Dale Yonkin, the chief guide with Central Montana Outfitters, owns a German wire-haired pointer named Woodrow that he keeps in camp with him to take clients bird hunting, if they tag out early. “Now, John, don’t go out there and try to walk Dale down,” Chad Schearer the owner of Central Montana Outfitters told me. “We had some young fellows who came out earlier this year and told me they really wanted to get after their bird hunting. They wanted to get it and go and didn’t want to have to wait on a guide, as if to say that they thought Dale would slow them dClick to enlargeown. However, by the time they’d spent a day stomping the brush and flushing birds on our property, they asked Dale if they could go a little slower next time.” When I climbed in the truck with Yonkin, I explained to him, “You’ve lived in these mountains longer than I have, you’re younger than I am, and you weigh less than I do. I know you can walk faster, longer and further than I can. So, I prefer to take Click to enlargeour hunt slow – have a good time, flush some birds and take some birds. But, we’re not going to try to see how far and how fast we can go – if that’s o.k. with you.” Yonkin smiled the smile of understanding and said, “We’ll go at your pace –whatever your pace is. We’ll find some birds and have a good time.” And, true to his word, that was exactly what our bird hunts were like. These hunts added exercise and fun to the long hours of waiting for whitetails to appear.

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