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Duck-Hunting Guides Tell All

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Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Jason Craig has guided and hunted for ducks on Reelfoot Lake at Bluebank Resort near Tiptonville, Tennesse, for 9 years. He’s seen some the mistakes duck hunters make and knows how to solve duck-hunting problems. Let’s listen to the confessions of this duck-hunting guide, and learn how to solve some of our own duck-hunting difficulties.

“I had some people from New York to take hunting one day,” Craig explains. “We went to the blind early in the morning where they shot for most of the morning without ever getting a duck. Finally, about 2:00 p.m. just before quitting time, the blind above us shot in a large flight of ducks. One of the ducks they shot at dropClick to enlargeped down in to our decoys. As soon as those New York folks saw that duck drop in to those decoys, all four of them came up blazing. Although they emptied their guns on that duck, that duck never was touched by lead. After all the shooting had ended, and the smoke had cleared, the duck swam away. They were less than 40 yards from the duck, but they never touched it.” Click to enlarge

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