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How to Find Deer Land to Hunt

Check with the Army

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: Some years ago I almost dropped the telephone receiver when I heard the words, "The landowner has sold the land, and our hunting lease has been cancelled." I'd called the secretary of our hunting club to let him know that I planned to go to our hunting camp three weeks before deer season started to check several of my stand sites and get ready for the opening weekend of bow seClick to enlargeason. I wanted to scout the areas where I'd taken bucks before, cut shooting lanes and make sure that the deer fed on the same nut trees they had in the past. I enjoy scouting for deer because I consider it the true essence of the sport of hunting. Scouting means learning where the deer feed and bed and which trails they travel on and then predicting where a deer may appear. When you hunt, you actually climb into your tree stand and wait on the shot. But this year instead of scouting for a place to put my tree stand, I had to scout for new land to hunt.Click to enlarge

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages some of the best river-bottom hardwood land in this nation. This government entity owns land, often only small easements or little blocks measuring 20 to 40 acres, on many major waterways throughout the nation. Many times the Corps may allow only specific types of hunting on this land, like only archery, blackpowder or shotgun hunting. Because most Click to enlargehunters overlook these patches of land, you often will find big bucks holding in these regions. You can take them if you'll study the land and learn how to hunt it. For more information contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at

Explore Hunting Military Bases:
You will find many of the military bases around the country open to public hunting. Different branches of the armed services have millions of acres in various states where civilians can hunt.

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