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Coyotes For Grabs

Millions of Acres to Hunt

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: If you’ll hunt coyotes and try to help the landowner get rid of coyote nuisances, many times he’ll invite you back to hunt deer or turkey on prime lands. The more you gClick to enlargeet to hunt with your black-powder rifle, the more value you receive from the rifle, the better you’ll shoot, and the more fun you can have. Looking for opportunities to hunt after deer season ends makes sense. Coyote hunting during the off-season enables you to build good relationships with the landowners whose land you hunt.

If you’re looking for more opportunities to hunt and landowners who will welcome you with open arms, start hunting coyotes, one of the most under-utilized resources in the woods. Each landowner I’ve ever met wants a hunter to come onto his or her property and hunt coyotes during the off-season.

Since I’ve started hunting coyotes, I’ve hunted for free on some of the finest deer and turkey leases in my state. When you coyote hunt during the off-season, the landowner will tell you where he’Click to enlarges seen coyotes most often, wClick to enlargehere he has dead livestock, where he believes coyotes have fed or bedded-down, and how he thinks you can approach a calling site downwind of the coyotes. When you go coyote hunting, you become the friend of the landowner and the stockman. And, you also open up a whole new sport for your black-powder rifle.

Coyote Hunting Made Easy
To take coyotes during daylight hours, plan to hunt primarily early and late in the day. Realize that wind direction determines success or failure. Always hunt into the wind. Once you know where you want to hunt, look for openings where you can see the coyotes coming from 50-to 100-yards away. Also, search for a good blind site where you can set up a portable blind, make sure you have brush available to put over the front of the blind to keep from having a solid one-dimensional wall of camouflage. On the day you plan to hunt, sneak into the place that you want to call from, set up your blind, put brush around it, set out a decoy, turn on your caller, and prepare to shoot.

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