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Coyotes For Grabs

Coyote Techniques

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: If you’ll hunt coyotes and try to help the landowner get rid of coyote nuisances, many times he’ll invite you back to hunt deer or turkey on prime laClick to enlargends. The more you get to hunt with your black-powder rifle, the more value you receive from the rifle, the better you’ll shoot, and the more fun you can have. Looking for opportunities to hunt after deer season ends makes sense. Coyote hunting during the off-season enables you to build good relationships with the landowners whose land you hunt.

When you hunt coyotes, you don’t have to stay in one place for very long. You can make four to six setups in a morning and the same number of setups in the afternoon. Ina day of coyote hunting, you can hunt from eight to 12 different locations and cover quite a bit of country. You need to cover plenty of ground when coyote hunting because a female usually has a home range of 5-8 miles, with the male’s territory 30-40 miles in size. Young males may relocate more tan 100 miles from their birthplaces. Click to enlarge

Click to enlargeCamouflage – The Key

The coyote can smell better than a deer, hear better than a turkey and see as good as an eagle. So, even though you’re in a blind, wear a full-camouflaged headnet, shirt, pants, gloves and boots. More than a few times, I’ve spooked coyotes either because I’ve moved or have worn some piece of non-camouflaged clothing. You can wear all the camo you’ve worn during turkey season and hunt with the black-powder rifle you’ve used a deer season to take song dogs in many states, when nothing else is in season.

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