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Coyotes For Grabs

Landowner Relationships

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: If you’ll hunt coyotes and try to help the landowner get rid of coyote nuisances, many times he’ll invite you back to hunt deer or turkey on prime lands. The more you get to hunt with your black-powder rifle, the more value you receive from the rifle, the better Click to enlargeyou’ll shoot, and the more fun you can have. Looking for opportunities to hunt after deer season ends makes sense. Coyote hunting during the off-season enables you to build good relationships with the landowners whose land you hunt.

Forty-eight-year-old Randy Watson of Midland, Texas, has a million acres of land to coyote hunt, and he primarily hunts at night. “When I’m hunting coyotes, I become the landowner’s night patrol,” Watson explains. “Most ranchers who grant me permission to hunt their properties don’t let anyone else hunt there. I not only help the ranchers get rid of their predator problems, I also keep them informed about what’s happening on their property at night and during the days when I hunt their lands.

“Any time I hunt on a rancher’s land, after the hunt, I show him the coyotes I’veClick to enlarge taken from his property. If, for some reason, I can’t find him, I’ll call him at night and either e-mail him pictures of the coyotes we’ve taken or send him photos. If I see a broken gate, a fence that needs fixing, unauthorized hunters on his land, a sick cow or aClick to enlargenything that doesn’t look just right, I always carry a cell phone with me and notify the rancher. I try to treat the landowner’s property as though it’s my own. What I’ve found is that the landowner whose property I coyote hunt on tells other ranchers in my area about me and what I do for him. I’ve actually had landowners call me and ask me to hunt their lands.”

Millions of coyotes all over the country need someone to harvest them. Thousands of landowners want to invite coyote hunters onto their properties after deer season. If you use Watson’s approach to hunting coyotes and dealing with landowners, you’ll have all the property you’ve ever dreamed of for hunting coyotes this season.

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