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More Fishing at the Speckled Trout Capital of the World- Hackberry Rod and Gun

Fishing Slicks

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: The first week in June, I fished at the Speckled Trout Capital of the World – Hackberry, Louisiana, located on Lake Calcasieu. In 2005, Hackberry was destroyed by Hurricane Rita. However, in 10 months, with a lot of hard work and sweat, it was restored. Today, it’s better and stronger than ever before and home to giant speckled trout, big redfish and plenty of medium-to small-sized fish. This week, we’ll take another look at fishing in Hackberry. Kirk Stansel, one of the owners of Hackberry Rod and Gun, a guide service in Lake Calcasieu, was my guide at Lake Calcasieu. Although the weather was extremely hot (mid-90 degrees with high humidity), I was cool wearing my new Under Armour fishing shirts and shorts. Under Armour’s HeatGear Performance Polos wicked moisture away from my body to keep me dry and provided ultraviolet protection from the sun’s intense rays. The Guide Shorts had mesh venting for coolness.

Question: Kirk, what’s a slick and how do you find them?Click to enlarge
Stansel: A slick, created by feeding fish, looks like an oil sheen on the water. When the fish are in a feeding frenzy, they regurgitate some of the bait they’ve just eaten. That bait has oil in it and the oil floats to the surface, which creates the slick above the area where the fish are feeding. The best way to fish a slick is to get upwind of the slick and fish into it. When the slick first originates, the specks and reds are right under it. But as the slick is blown by the wind, it moves out in front of the fish. You’ll usually find the fish upwind or up-current of the slick.

Question: How many fish will be in a slick?
Stansel: Normally, slicks indicate that there are larger fish feeding in the school. A slick can be made by one fish or by a large school of fish. So, you never know how many fish are in the school you’re fishing over.

Question: What’s the best way to fish a slick?
Stansel: The best slicks to fish are the smallest ones. When these slicks first appear, I cast straiClick to enlargeght to them.

Question: Kirk, you just caught a speckled trout off a slick. Where was that trout in relationship to that slick?
Stansel: The fish was about 10-yards upwind of the slick. The oil came to the surface, and the wind blew the slick away from the fish. Although many people don’t understand how to fish slicks, more people are learning the technique.

Question: What baits do you usually use when you’re fishing a slick?
Stansel: Any bait you use for speckled trout and redfish will be a good bait to fish a slick.

Question: How dependable are slicks?
Stansel: They often are very dependable with speckled trout and redfish, and black drum and catfish also will create a slick. Whenever speckled trout and redfish are feeding, find them and catch them around slicks.

Question: Once you find a slick, how long can you usually fish from that slick?
Stansel: I’ve sat on slicks and caught fish until I’ve gotten tired of catching fish. I’ve fished other slicks and not had a bite. It really depends primarily on how fast the fish are moving. Click to enlarge

Question: You use a lot of indicators like slicks and birds to tell you where the trout are and how to catch them, don’t you?
Stansel: Yes, we do. Slicks and birds are both excellent ways to locate and fish for trout and redfish.

Question: Can you fish birds or slicks longer?
Stansel: The length of time you can catch specks and reds under birds or slicks depends on how long the schools of fish stay under the birds or the slicks. But these are two of the best indicators you can have to locate specks and reds each day you go fishing. Whether you’re fishing birds or slicks, always position your boat upwind or up-current, troll to the slick or the birds with your trolling motor until you’re almost close enough to cast and then turn off your trolling motor and wind drift into casting distance. Always turn your boat sideways as you drift through the schools so that everyone in the boat will have an opportunity to cast to the fish.

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Tomorrow: Bank Fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish


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