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Have a Family Crappie-Fishing Farm

How to Plant a Crappie Farm

Click to enlargeCatching fish is great family fun. But going fishing and not taking any fish can be boring and aggravating. However, the families who know how to farm fish consistently can find and catch crappie on almost every outing.. Planning a fishing trip for the day and farming for crappie is as exciting as organizing a vacation to Disney World.Click to enlarge

Preparing to catch fish can be fun for the family also. Just like planting seeds in the ground offers great expectations of a crop to come in the spring and the summer, so can planting brush for crappie promise productive days of fishing for the future. Before you plant brush in a lake, check with your state’s game and fish department. Make sure no regulations prohibit the building of brush shelters for crappie in your state. Several different types of brush shelters will pay crappie dividends. Many anglers sink hardwood limbs and brush along the edges of underwater creek and river channels. Click to enlargeHardwood brush seems to attract more crappie than Christmas trees and cedars do. Since creek and river channels are natural crappie migration routes, whenever you sink brush on the edges of these areas, you stop and hold crappie that are moving along this underwater structure.

Always consider the wind when sinking brush on creek and river channels. Submerge the brush in various sections of the lake. Then regardless of which way the wind blows, you’ll have a protected region you can fish on any day yClick to enlargeou go. One of the worst situations that can happen on a family crappie-fishing trip is to reach the lake, anticipatingproductive fishing, and the wind be blowing so hard you can’t fish. Other places to plant brush to produce a crop of crappie are in the middles of spawning bays. Choose the parts of the lake and the bays where the crappie normally spawn. Sink brush well away from the bank, more toward the center of the bay. This brush will attract crappie during the pre-spawn and the post-spawn. Often you’ll catch crappie in both the hot summer months and the cold winter months on brush in these locations. Since crappie are depth-oriented, submerge brush in different depths on a point. Then no matter at what depth the crappie are holding, you’ve provided brush at that depth for the fish. You’ll be able to catch fish at most of any time of the year on points.

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