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Have a Family Crappie-Fishing Farm

Why Crappie Farm at Night

Click to enlargeCatching fish is great family fun. But going fishing and not taking any fish can be boring and aggravating. However, the families who know how to farm fish consistently Click to enlargecan find and catch crappie on almost every outing. Planning a fishing trip for the day and farming for crappie is as exciting as organizing a vacation to Disney World.

Tractors have headlights, which many farmersuse during the planting season to plow their fields at night to avoid the hot summer heat. Since the weather can be so hot in many regions of the country, a trip to the family fishing farm may be a scorcher in the daytime. However, you can catch crappie at night throughout the summer months, if you understand how, where and when to fish. On many lakes and reservoirs, the bridge pilings look like lighted cities at night because so many anglers fish under the bridge pilings with lights at night. Bridge pilings are productive places to find and take crappie during the summer months. However, a better spot to catch more crappie at night will be where fewer people are fishing. Using a detailed lake map that shows underwater contours, search for underwater points where submerged creek channels run into the river channel. On these underwater points out in the lake, crappie often will school up at night. By fishing out of a boat, you’ll have plenty of room to hang a Coleman lantern over the side and to put floating lights on the stern and the bow. When the family fishes at night with lights on underwater points, you often can concentrate crappie and catch them all night long. Click to enlarge

Click to enlargeTo be successful taking crappie at night, keep your bait at the depth where the fish are holding. Generally, the crappie will start biting in the deep water. As you begin to catch crappie, they will continue to move up in the water, and you’ll take the fish at more shallow depths the later in the night you fish. Fishing at the correct depth is important to catch crappie – particularly at night. When your children are grown, at camp or spending the night with friends, a crappie-fishing adventure for Mom and Dad is pleasant recreation away from the hustle and bustle of the work world and family. In the stillness of the night, a husband and wife can spend quality time together at the family farm catching crappie.

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