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Have a Family Crappie-Fishing Farm

How Some Families Crappie Farm Fish

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeCatching fish is great family fun. But going fishing and not taking any fish can be boring and aggravating. However, the families who know how to farm fish consistently can find and catch crappie on almost every outing. Planning a fishing trip for the day and farming for crappie is as exciting as organizing a vacation to Disney World.

Reliving the memories of how you sank thebrush, where you put it, when you submerged it, and what fish it produced is part of the fun of being a crappie farmer. Some families keep logs recording the dates, thelocations, the types of brush they sank, the people participating in the brush-sinking trip and their ages. Then on each fishing trip, the number of crappie caught at each location is recorded. Over theyears, the family has a running total of the number of fish each location yields. Often for 8 or 10 years, the same sunken brush will provide recreation Click to enlargefor thClick to enlargee family and delicious crappie for the table. Developing a family crappie-fishing farm is a family-enrichment program. As family members participate in sinking the brush, they also can catch and eat the crappie the brush produces. Why not start a family crappie-fishing farm for your loved ones this year? Make crappie fishing more than just a trip to the lake in hopes of getting bites.

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