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Deer Decoy Secrets of Pro Hunters

Keeping Your Decoy Scent-Free

Click to enlargeEditor’s NClick to enlargeote: In the last couple of years, deer decoys, in states where allowed, have proved themselves as very-effective deer-hunting aids, especially on the edges of agricultural fields, green fields and pastures. However, a large number of deer hunters resist carrying any more stuff into the woods than what they’ve already got, particularly with the weight involved with 3-D decoys. Let’s listen to some hunters who successfully have used deer decoys and learn why they don’t hunt deer without their deer decoys.

Rick White of Monticello, Iowa, appears in videosand on TV in hunting segments and conducts deer-hunting seminars. “Most of the time, I put antlers on my deer decoys, so that they look like buck deer. I want to put a decoy in a place where bucks can see it from a great distance, like on the edge of a field, within 30 yards of my tree stand, and face the decoy to look toward my tree stand. I’velearned that a buck will come in to a decoy and try to get head-to-head with that decoy in Click to enlargepreparation for a fight. ThereClick to enlargefore, when the buck comes in to the decoy, usually, he’ll give me a broadside shot or a slightly quartering-away shot, which are the two shots I want to take with my bow.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure your deer decoy is scent-free. I wash my decoy before a hunt with scent-free soap and use Scent-A-Way Spray on the decoy when I reach the region where I plan to hunt. I also spray Dominant Buck Urine and Doe Estrus scents on the ground behind the buck. I don’t want to spray these lures on my decoy because sometimes I leave it in the woods where I want to hunt. I’ve used this tactic successfully numerous times.”

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