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Deer Decoy Secrets of Pro Hunters

Other Successful Deer Decoy Hunts

Click to enlargeMany other hunters swear to the effectiveness of utilizing deer decoys. Jeff Ashmore of Loveland, Ohio, says, Click to enlarge“I purchased Renzo’s Whitetail Buck decoy, and the first morning I used it,this fine 8 pointer came charging 150 yards across a green field at the first sight of the decoy. He was looking for a fight. The fight ended at 10 yards when I took him.”
Larry Porter of Greenville, Tennessee, explains that, “During muzzleloader season, I killed one of, if not the biggest deer, ever taken in Weakley County, Tennessee. I never believed much in deer calls or deer decoys until that week. I set up a Renzo’s Feeder Doe decoy and put some scent on it. My buck came running in, and I shot him at 50 yards. I’ve been told that I’ll have to let him dry for 6 months before I know if he makes the record book. But several people who have seen him say he will. My section of Tennessee has a lot of deer, but rarely ever do they live beyond 2-1/2-years old with all the hunting pressure. This buck is a real trophy for our region.”

Bob Weselmann of Northwood, Iowa, says, “The Carry-Lite decoy may be heavy to carry and tough to set up, but my wife and I never go into the woods without it. The buck taken last hunting season by my wife using the Carry-Lite decoy missed the Pope and Young book by 1-inch raw. Unbelievably the head of that buck actually fits inside the one of the buck she took this year over our Carry-Lite decoy,which scored 180 raw.”Click to enlarge

Lorne Duncan of Horse Shoe, North Carolina, reports Click to enlargethat he had tired of carrying those big, heavy 3-D decoys out into the field. According to Duncan, “I was in a sporting-goods store and saw one of those fold-up, picture decoys made by Renzo’s. I decided to buy one to hunt in Warren County, Illinois, 30 minutes from home. Every day last deer-hunting season that I set the decoy out in a field, I had a buck come to it. I was rattling, because I was hunting during the rut. I had several 120-class Boone & Crockett bucks come into the decoy. “I finally took the biggest buck I’d ever shot with my bow. That 202-3/8-gross scored B&C buck came to within 20 steps of the Renzo’s decoy. I’d shot this same buck before, which was the only buck that ever had gotten away from me, 2 years earlier. In that earlier encounter, I hit the buck high while bowhunting. Then 2 days after I’d shot him, I spotted him at 12 yards and another time at 20 yards, but I couldn’t get a shot at him either time. Then last year he came to the Renzo’s decoy, and I took him. When my hunting buddies saw how big the buck was and knew I’d taken him over a Renzo’s picture decoy, a herd of hunters rushed to the sporting-goods shop to buy one of those decoys. I was very impressed at how well the decoy worked.”

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