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Buster Brown Was a Dog for All Seasons – Deer, Ducks and Divorce

Buster Brown on Women and Finding a Wife

Click to enlargeEditor’s Note: If you're about to drown, Buster Brown, an 11-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever, can save your life. If your wife finally throws you out, Buster Brown can get you a new wife. If you shoot the biggest buck of your life and the deer runs off, Buster Brown can find the deer for you. If you down a beautiful mallard drake that falls into some high cattails 1/4-mile from your blind, not only can Buster Brown locate your duck, he'll bring it back to you. If while sitting at home watching TV, you feel the need for a cold drink, Buster Brown will go get you a cool one from the refrigerator.

Buster Brown on Women:
Losing your trophy buck of a lifetime or not recovering a beautiful mallard you've planned on mounting can make you heartsick. However, often an outdoorsman finds getting a divorce worse.     After a hard day of hunting ducks or deer, Terry and Buster Brown will clean up and get ready for a night on the town. Sitting on a bar stool and wearing a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a shirt and a wild-colored pair of jams, Buster BrownClick to enlarge is the coolest male around. Buster Brown has women flocking around him, and patrons buying him and his best friend, Terry, drinks. Buster Brown, a kind, sensitive and affectionate lady's man, attracts women like bees to a honey pot and then introduces them to his hunting buddy, Terry. As Terry explained, "Women can't resist Buster Brown's long ears, pointed nose, sensitive and affectionate spirit and willingness to listen to their problems. These ladies seem to assume his owner is like him. Making conversation becomes easy." Rarely do Buster Brown's admirers know that behind those dark glasses and under that classy-looking shirt and bandana beats the heart of a hunter – one that can spot, swim and retrieve ducks, find and fight wounded deer and go into the night to locate animals hunters may have bagged.

Here's how Terry and Buster Brown would meet single women. Terry discovered that many single women frequented bars. He rationalized that since women loved dogs, he might have a chance to meet women if he could get the dog into a bar. Because Buster Brown could hold a duck in his mouth, TClick to enlargeerry taught Buster to hold an aluminum can for a long time with ease. When Terry asked a bartender if he could bring his dog into the bar, the bartender always refused. Although Terry would protest and say how intelligent everyone considered Buster Brown, the bartender always would hold his ground and insist, "I don't care whose dog it is or how smart the dog is, he's not coming into my bar." Terry then would go out to his truck and let the tailgate down. Then he and Buster Brown would sit on it. According to Terry, "I'd ask the customers coming in how they were, and they'd do a double take. When they spotted the dog dressed up and looking like a dwarf man, they'd have to come over and talk to me about Buster Brown. Then I'd get Buster Brown to do a few tricks.” 

Generally no more than 15 to 20 minutes would elapse before someone would go into the bar and told everyone to come out to the parking lot and look at the dog. "Within 30 minutes, Buster Brown and I usually had a crowd around the tailgate of my pick up with no one left in the bar,” Terry mentioned. “Often the customers would go inside and say thClick to enlargeey weren't coming back to the bar until the bartender let the dog inside." Faced with the dilemma of losing a night's business or permitting a dog to come into the bar, generally the bartender backed down and let Buster Brown inside. Once inside the bar, Terry sat Buster Brown on a bar stool to prevent the dog from running around in the bar and then moved into phase two of his strategy. "Buy that dog a beer," Terry would announce loud enough for everyone in the bar to hear. Then the other customers in the bar would clamor, "I want to buy that dog a beer." Since Buster Brown doesn't drink, Terry drinks for him. When Terry leaves a bar, he usually has four or five phone numbers in hand from ladies who tell him, "I'd like to get to know you and Buster Brown better."

Buster Brown on Finding a Wife:
When Terry had Buster Brown at the beach one summer, Buster Brown had stripped down to his shorts and sunglasses to show off his physique. A youngster came up to pet and talk to Buster Brown. Terry showed the child many of Buster's tricks. The little girl went home and got her mother to come back and meet Buster Brown and the man who had trained him. In a few months, the lady became Mrs. Jeff Terry. Once again, Buster Brown proved he was a dog for all seasons.

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