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Tunica, Mississippi - Beaver Dam Duck Hunting and Bird Hunting at The Willows

Watching Miss Molly Work

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeEditor’s Note: Every duck hunter in the nation believe that if they’ve lived good, sportsmen-like lives and have close relationships with God, they’ll hopefully get permission to hunt at Beaver Dam near Tunica, Mississippi, before they die. The next couple of dayswe’ll learn more about Beaver Dam’s outstanding duck hunting.

On the day I hunted at Beaver Lake, the Boyds brought Miss Molly, another veteran duck-hunting professional, to work that day. Eleven-year-old Molly’s not your usual Labrador retriever. She probably makes as many, if not more, retrieves each year than any water dog alive. In 2005, she dove in, swam out and picked up over 1,100 ducks in one 60-day season, and she retrieved at least that many in 2004.

Even in Molly’s waning years, she’s still like a coiled spring. She hardly can wait for the opportunity to jump off the ramp, find the ducks and bring them back to the blind.
I noticed that when any of the hunters missed, or when Click to enlargethe ducks didn’t come in after we’d called to them, she’d give us Click to enlargea smirk of disdain as if to say, “Okay, what happened here? I’m ready to work, and you guys are goofing off.”

If you ever have a chance to hunt at Beaver Dam, take it. You can step back in history to a time and a place of exciting duck hunting when Nash Buckingham ruled as the dean of duck-hunting writers and plentiful waterfowl swarmed in the Mississippi skies.

For more information on Beaver Dam, call Mike Boyd at (662)363-6288, or email him at To learn more about Avery Outdoors’ quality duck-hunting products, go to Go to or call 1-866-see-miss (733-6477) for more information on visiting Mississippi.

Tomorrow: Tunica’s Odd Couple

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