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Al Morris on Winning the 2007 Coyote Calling Contest

Click to enlargeThe Preymaster Helped Conquer the World

Editor’s Note:  Forty-one-year-old Al Morris, from Springfield , Utah , a Hunter's Specialties’ predator pros, has huntedClick to enlarge coyotes since he was 12. He’s also helped in the production of the “Operation Predator Videos 2, 3, 4 and 5.”  Al Morris and his partner, Garvin Young, for won the 2007 World Coyote Calling Contest in November, 2007. Al and Garvin were the first team to win the World Coyote Calling Contest twice and the only team to consistently finish in the top-10 places in the championship for the past 11 years.  This week Al will tell us how he and Garvin won the World.

The PM-4 Wireless Preymaster is the second wireless unit that Hunter’s Specialties has introduced. The first unit was the Attractor. With the Attractor’s remote, you had a 50-yard range. With the new PM-4, you can use it all day long out to 100 yards. But under optimal conditions, I’ve used it out to 270, even 280 yards. You can set the caller up 100, 200 or even out to almost 300 yards away from you and remotely be able to control the caller. You can use up to 12 sounds. This caller comes with those great original Johnny Stewart sounds that hunters have been using for years to call in coyotes and other predators. This way the coyotes come looking for the caller and not looking right at you. Click to enlarge

Before with a remote unit,you had a wire that went from the caller to the speaker. But with today’s unit, you can put the speaker and the caller away from you and control the caller with a remote device, much like the same Click to enlargetype of remote with which you control your TV set.   Hunter’s Specialties has eliminated the wire. Quite frankly, using a wire from the caller to the speaker is a pain in the rear. So by eliminating the wire, and giving the predator hunter more range with the remote, we have a tremendously-improved predator caller. You can make more setups and make them quicker. You can hunt more places by not having to have that wire. When Garvin and I hunted in the World hunt, our plan was to have 20-30 setups per day. So, the speed at which we put our caller out, did our calling, gathered our caller up and moved to the next setup was critical. We wouldn’t have been able to move as quickly, make as many setups or take as many coyotes as we did to win the World, if we had to deal with a wire from the speaker to the caller. Most of the time, you want the caller upwind of your stand site. A coyote’s innate behavior is to circle downwind of a prey in distress. So by having a caller 50-yards upwind of you, if a coyote circles the area where he hears the sound coming from, that puts him right in front of you. 

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