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John's Journal... 

In this online journal, John Phillips will share his interesting and entertaining outdoor adventures with you. You'll read about fishing, hunting, cow pasture golf, and more as this journal continues to grow. If there's something fun to do in the outdoors, John's either done it or is itching to do it, and when he does, he'll tell you all about it here. 

Latest Entries

This week:

Hunt in August for Big Game - Elk and Black-Tailed Bucks

  1. Hunt Three Subspecies of Elk in California and Draw Over-the-Counter Tags for Oregon Elk and Deer
  2. Bet on Bugling Elk by Hunting August and September with Your Bow
  3. Bag An Elk Early During a 5-7 Day Hunt and Possibly Take a Black-tailed Buck
  4. Parrey Cremeans’ Biggest Columbian Black-Tailed Buck – Maybe
  5. Prepare for Success by Knowing How to Care for Your Elk Meat

Last week:

Winning Bass Fishing Is Consistency and Change with Kevin VanDam

  1. Competing in a Bass Tournament with 60-80 of Your Closest Friends and Many Spectators with Kevin VanDam
  2. Bird Dogging Bass Hot Spots with Kevin VanDam
  3. Changing Bass Fishing Conditions with Kevin VanDam
  4. Being a Power Bait/Bubba Bait Fisherman and Becoming a Sissy Bait Angler with Kevin VanDam
  5. Designing and Developing New Lures with Kevin VanDam

Journal Entries: 

  1. Specs & Reds on Alabma's Gulf Coast
  2. Where to Eat on Alabama's Gulf Coast
  3. Fishing Out of SanRoc Cay - Orange Beach
  4. Wheeler Dam's Monster Cats
  5. Cow Pasture Golf
  6. Fishing With Captain Ricky McDuffie
  7. Indian River Tarpon Fishing With Mark Nichols
  8. Fishing the Chandeleur Islands 
  9. Fishing With Kim Chambers
  10. Fishing With Sam Parker
  11. The McKenna Ranch
  12. Hunting With Jerry Simmons
  13. The First Lady of Hunting, Brenda Valentine
  14. Hunting With Heartland Outfitters
  15. Hunting With Brian Pearson
  16. Deer Management at The Roost with George Mayfield
  17. George Mayfield's Big Bucks
  18. Trey Montgomery's Leavellwood
  19. Bob Walker's Hunting Strategies
  20. Hunting At Bent Creek Lodge with John Lanier
  21. Hunting with Preston Pittman
  22. Diary Of A Hunting Guide
  23. Monster Crappie Fishing
  24. Monster Crappie Fishing Part II
  25. Bassing's Secret Weapon
  26. Michael Waddell's Most Memorable Hunts
  27. Pre-Spawn Crappie
  28. Hunting Coyotes - A Year Round Sport
  29. Winning Attitudes from Winning Pros
  30. Bo Pitman's Secrets To Consistently Taking Turkey
  31. Getting Started as a Hunting Guide
  32. How To Call Crows
  33. The Bad Bird Bible
  34. The Bad Bird Bible, Con't
  35. Florida-- A Place With It All
  36. Tips For Catching Post-Spawn Crappie
  37. Six Top $ Pros Choose Their Five Favorite Lures
  38. What are the best catfish baits?
  39. How to Get Sponsors
  40. Gone Fishin' Not Just Wishin'
  41. Yo-Yoing Cats
  42. Week II Of Yo-Yoing For Cats
  43. Tim Horton
  44. Cliff Jones
  45. How To Raise Big Bass
  46. Catching Marlin In The Gulf Of Mexico
  47. How To Catch Bass Fast
  48. Catch Speckled Trout And Redfish This Summer
  49. Sunburned Crappie Tactics
  50. How To Take More Bottom Feeders With Mike Parker
  51. Bowhunters Have The Edge For Big Bucks
  52. World-Record And Monster-Sized Cats
  53. World-Record And Monster-Sized Cats Week 2
  54. The Latest Speckled Trout And Redfish Lures
  55. Catch Big Snapper On Wimpy Tackle
  56. The ReliefBand--A Wonder Item No Outdoor Person Should Be Without
  57. South Carolina - A Black-Powder Hunter's Dream
  58. How And Where To Catch Big Bass In The Fall
  59. Why People Hire Guides
  60. Sam Swett
  61. Using Grunt Calls for Deer
  62. Tree Stand Hunting For Deer
  63. The Masters' Secrets Of Bowhunting
  64. When to Shoot
  65. Reading Whitetails' Travel Routes
  66. Dollarhide
  67. Improving Your Quail Hunting
  68. Why Take Your Clients Hunting And Fishing
  69. Extreme White-Tailed Deer Hunting
  70. The Quinn Ranch
  71. Will Primos--How To Get Close To Bucks
  72. Ken Cook On Wintertime Bassin'
  73. Brad Harris On Duck Hunting
  74. The Best Of Both Worlds
  75. Tad Brown On Foxes
  76. Eddie Salter -- Expert Turkey Caller And Hunter
  77. Thayne Barrie On Ducks
  78. Ronnie "Cuz" Strickland On "The Truth About Turkey Hunting"
  79. Goose Hunting In Idaho
  80. Turkey Tales And Tips
  81. Gary Davis -- Inshore Fishing Guide
  82. Black Powder Turkeys
  83. Bo Pitman's Offbeat Tom Tactics
  84. Turkey Hunter's Dictionary
  85. Crappie At Weiss Lake
  86. What I've Learned In Almost Four Decades Of Studying Turkeys
  87. The War For The Sentinel
  88. Michael Waddell
  89. Walter Parrott
  90. Fishing With Captain George Pfeiffer
  91. Denny Brauer - Top Ranked Bass Angler
  92. Thayne Barrie -- Sturgeon Fishing on the Snake River
  93. Turkey Wars
  94. How To Train A Bird Dog Puppy
  95. How To Catch Fish Inshore
  96. Lying Sign
  97. All You Need To Know About Hunting With A Black-Powder Rifle
  98. Caribiana Island Cruises
  99. Treklite's Visit To The Chandeleur Islands
  100. Everyone Should Own A Squirrel Dog
  101. Captain Mike Parker On Offshore Fishing
  102. Phil King On Catching Catfish When The Weather Sizzles
  103. One Hundred Bass A Day
  104. Dog Day Crappie
  105. How To Keep The Hunt Of A Lifetime
  106. Dan Perez's Deer Taking Tactics
  107. Roger Stegall On Pickwick Lake
  108. Tarpon King of the Pirate Coast
  109. Gary Davis On Specks And Reds
  110. Reds and Specks By Starlight
  111. Instincts Of The Traditional Archer
  112. Kevin Tate: Dove Shooting Secrets
  113. Lost In Deer Country
  114. Dave Horan - The Treasure Sultan
  115. "Creating A Bass-Fishing Career"
  116. When Deer Don't Show Up at the Deer Sign
  117. Ducks When The Weather Sizzles
  118. Turkey Hunt For Bucks With Don Shipp
  119. America's Best Public Duck Hunting
  120. How To Find A Buck At His Scrape
  121. Chris Denham Of Arizona -- Hunting Coues Deer
  122. Elk Hunting With Renowned Outdoorsman, Steve Puppe
  123. The Key To Holiday Bucks
  124. After the Shot
  125. The King of Rattling
  126. Where To Find The Big Bucks
  127. Canadian Black Bears
  128. Secrets of Deer-Hunting Guides
  129. More Protein For Your Deer Quicker and Cheaper
  130. The Super Gene
  131. The Coon-Hunting Investigation
  132. Two-On-One Whitetails
  133. Out-Of-Position Gobblers
  134. Don Shipp: Five Turkeys I Didn't Impress With My Three World Turkey Calling Championships
  135. Talking Turkey With the Experts
  136. Turkey Challenge
  137. Master Turkey Hunters
  138. Turkey-Taking Quiz
  139. Woods Wise Turkeys
  140. Secrets of Choctawhatchee Bay
  141. Mastering Turkey Talk With Wilbur Primos
  142. America's Best Bass Lakes
  143. Suntans and Coyotes
  144. Rob Scott, Guide for Big Deer
  145. Tripletail off Georgia's Coast
  146. King Cat Tournament
  147. Mike Beatty's Big Deer
  148. Teach Youngsters Fishing, A Lifetime Sport - Here's How It Works
  149. Bob Epstein on Vacation Photos
  150. Fishing for Saltwater Striper at Weiss Lake with Steve Pope
  151. Why, How and Where to Teach Your Children to Hunt
  152. Why Hunt a Quail Preserve
  153. America's Greatest Bass Fisherman
  154. Jiggerpole Fish for Summertime Bass
  155. The Man, the Bait and the Classic
  156. Slick Fishing for Trout
  157. Endless Inshore Fishing
  158. Careful Buck Management Produces Better Bucks Quickly
  159. Trophy Bucks: To Pay or Not to Pay
  160. The Distance to Success
  161. They Saved Tailrace Fishing
  162. How To Decoy and Call Doves
  163. How And Where To Catch Cats At Night
  164. Giant Bluegills
  165. The Lodge of Louisiana
  166. The Tiger Bass and the Gorilla Bass
  167. Secrets of the Tailrace with Jerry Crook
  168. How to Hunt Fall and Winter Turkeys
  169. Finding and Taking a Trophy Buck
  170. Gigging a Sucker
  171. Road Map to Whitetail Rendezvouses
  172. Blue Bank Resort Offers Holiday Fun
  173. Secrets for Calling Bucks
  174. Jim Crumley's Big Deer
  175. Steve Puppe on Elk Hunting in the Bitterroot Mountains
  176. Preparing for an Elk Hunt
  177. Hunt Rutting Bucks Now
  178. Yo-Yo Ducks
  179. Giles Island
  180. You Can Have Delicious Venison
  181. The War Against Nutria
  182. Hunting Squirrels With a Handmade Flip
  183. Heartland's Monster Bucks
  184. How to Catch Pre-spawn Crappie
  185. Bad Weather Fishing Tactics
  186. Competition Calling Versus Calling During a Hunt
  187. Real Men Hunt Squirrels
  188. Mark Drury's Turkey-Hunting Tactics
  189. Reasons Why I Miss Turkeys
  190. Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack and Kingfish Off Louisiana's Gulf Coast
  191. Secrets for Bagging Bow Gobblers With David Hale and Mark Drury
  192. Tips from Dixie's Top Turkey Hunters
  193. How to Hunt Public-Land Gobblers
  194. How to Call Turkeys Like a Champion with Chris Parrish
  195. Three-Story Fishing
  196. Larry Nixon on Bass Fishing
  197. Ken Cook on Bass Fishing
  198. Fishing Tips From Jay Yelas
  199. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bass-Fishing Guide
  200. Five Secrets for Catching Smallmouth Bass
  201. Crappie When it Sizzles
  202. Lake Calcasieu For Gators
  203. How to Find Crappie on a New Lake
  204. My Worst Bowhunting Mistakes With Rod White
  205. When Bass Go to Roost With George Mayfield
  206. Fly-Fishing With John and Elizabeth Eisenbarth
  207. Spinnerbait Tricks and Tactics of the Pros
  208. Kent Driscoll on Power Trolling for Crappie
  209. Kent Driscoll on Crankbaiting for Crappie
  210. Best New Lures of the Pros
  211. Secrets toTaking More Doves With Tony Rosetti
  212. Double the Value of Your Hunting Lease
  213. Secrets of the Classic Winners: Kevin VanDam and Rick Clunn
  214. Urban Doving
  215. Tricks in the Treetops
  216. Scott Boulanger - Confessions of an Elk-Hunting Outfitter
  217. Fishing at Orange Beach - The Saltwater Fishing Capital
  218. How to Take Hot-Weather Bucks
  219. Five Most Critical Ingredients to Bagging a Deer With a Bow
  220. Sanctuary: The Key to Taking Trophy Bucks
  221. Steps for Finding Downed Whitetails
  222. Five Most Critical Ingredients For Bagging A Buck With A Gun
  223. The Fear Factor: How Much Hunting Pressure Can A Buck Stand?
  224. How to Become a Versatile Deer Hunter
  225. Canada's Best Deer Hunting
  226. Hunting at the Ford Ranch
  227. The Best Hunting-Lease Duck Hunting
  228. How to Hunt Clear-Cuts
  229. Bucks By Boat
  230. America's Best Saltwater Fishing
  231. Jerky - The Ultimate Snack Food
  232. Snapper Bonanza
  233. Learn the Secrets of a Shed Hunter
  234. Smoking Eastern Coyotes
  235. How to Have a Proper Bunny Hunt
  236. The Turkey Hatch for 2004
  237. The $30 Management Plan
  238. The Greatest Day Of Fishing I Ever Had With George Cochran
  239. Mike Wurm's Five Worst Bass-Fishing Tournaments
  240. The Toughest of All Turkeys
  241. Space-Age Gobblers With Don Taylor
  242. Chad Brauer - Coming of Age, Part 1
  243. Mark Davis - Bass Fishing's Toughest Questions Answered
  244. Hunting Gobblers in Any Weather
  245. 10 Ways to Catch the Biggest Crappie of Your Life
  246. The Great Missouri Gobblers
  247. Cats on the Rocks
  248. Orange Beach, AlabASA Red Snapper World Championship
  249. Catching Smallies at Night and in Warm Weather With Roger Stegall
  250. The Buffalo Effect For Deer Management
  251. Fish Cops: The Watchdog of the Marine Resources
  252. Fleet Fishing Equals More Fish in the Box
  253. Best New Tactics of the Pros
  254. How to Fish Summertime Catfish
  255. Bottom-Mop for Big Bluegills
  256. Busting Bass on Bugs
  257. Big Crappie Now
  258. How to Find and Take Trophy Bucks in the Early Season with Dr. Grant Woods
  259. The Secret To Winning With Gerald Swindle
  260. The Secret to Winning With Gerald Swindle-Part II
  261. My Worst Day of Bass Fishing
  262. My Worst Day of Bass Fishing, Part II
  263. The Great Gator Hunt
  264. Zero- To 150-Boone and Crockett Point Bucks in Three Years
  265. Redfish with a Bow
  266. A Buck Picks His Core Area
  267. Hunting for Hunting Lands
  268. Don't Say No to The Crossbow
  269. Weird Places I've Found Big Bucks with Ray Eye
  270. Double Call to Bag Big Bucks
  271. My Five Favorite October and November Patterns with Kevin VanDam
  272. Waterfowler's Heaven with John E. Phillips
  273. What to Do When You Miss with John E. Phillips
  274. How to Catch Smallmouth with Roger Stegall
  275. Ten Secrets for Taking Mountain Mule Deer
  276. Plot Your Way to a Buck
  277. How to Hunt Deer in a Snow Storm
  278. Fourth and 40 Bucks
  279. Where the Pros Hunt at the Bitter End
  280. Swamp Bucks are Different
  281. Where Bucks Go During the Rut
  282. He Hunts Killers
  283. More About the Bad, Wild Hogs Gene Brookes Hunters
  284. Where Ducks Always Fly and You Can Take Big Bucks
  285. Catching Crappie in Cold Weather
  286. Why Ducks Haven't Come Down the Central Flyway
  287. Bushytails-The Rifleman's Sport
  288. How to Have More Quail
  289. Space-Age Gobblers
  290. Hunting High Pressured Public-Land Gobblers
  291. Secrets For Last-Minute Gobblers With Mark Drury
  292. Kent Driscoll - Extraordinary Crappie Fisherman
  293. More on Crankbaiting for Crappie and other Kent Driscoll Tactics
  294. Getting Lucky on Turkeys with Black Powder
  295. Brunch-Time Gobblers
  296. Monster Haul of Red Snapper
  297. Osceola - A Bird of Superstition
  298. Bob Wozniak - A Great Nothern Turkey Hunter
  299. Hog Hunting Forever
  300. When Line Counts
  301. More on Mark Davis and His $100,000 Weekend
  302. Double Dipping Spoons
  303. Captain Dave Sutton on Saltwater Fishing with Spike-It
  304. C & B Guide Service at Lake Guntersville - Often Called America's Best Bass Lake
  305. Fishing Lake Eufaula with Jackie Thompson
  306. Magic Lures and Secret Baits for Bass
  307. How to Scout for Bass
  308. The Pros' Tactics to Taking Flood Water Bass
  309. Better Snapper Strategies
  310. Summertime River Cats
  311. George Cochran's Half-Million-Dollar Weekend
  312. Outdoor Parenting 101 - with John E. Phillips, Jr.
  313. What You Need to Know About a Lake Before You Get There
  314. "Dive! Dive! Dive!" with Mary Lynn Berzett
  315. How to Decoy and Call Doves
  316. How to Shoot Your Bow Better
  317. Rookie Errors - 10 Deadly Sins of New Bowhunters
  318. How to Fish When the Water is Up with Cliff Craft
  319. Idiot-Proof Your Bowhunting
  320. How to Hunt Squirrels Aggressively
  321. The Masters' Secrets of Bowhunting
  322. How to Pick A Stand Site
  323. Fishing with Professional Bass Fisherman Todd Ary
  324. Bill Blakely on Reelfoot Lake
  325. The Great Sight Pin Debate
  326. Crossbows are Coming
  327. Greg Hildreth and the Big Bull Redfish
  328. How To Find Big Bucks In Your Own Backyard
  329. The Land of Giants
  330. More Saskatchewan Monster Bucks With Garden River Outfitters
  331. Secret Man-Drive Tactics For Trophy Bucks
  332. Force the Buck to Come to You
  333. Wintertime Crappie Fishing at Weiss Lake
  334. Two on Bucks
  335. Tracks and Trails– What Do They Tell?
  336. How to Know When Bucks Move
  337. Hunting Wild Rabbit Food
  338. Allen Morris and Predator Hunting
  339. Why Scout for Deer After the Season
  340. Keys to Better Rabbiting
  341. Limiting Out on Linesides
  342. GREG HACKNEY on Bassing
  343. Hunter's Specialties’ PhD Gobblers
  344. Bass Behavior with Dr. Keith Jones
  345. Billy Blakely and Reelfoot Lake
  346. What to Do When a Cold Front Hits Your Crappie Lake
  347. Fishing for Specks, Reds and Flounder with Gary Davis
  348. The Revival of Old Lures
  349. The Revival of Old Lures Continued
  350. Duck Season with Mossberg's Dennis Kendall
  351. How to Catch Big Snapper
  352. Boathouse Bluegills
  353. How to Have All the Hunting Land You Want to Hunt
  354. AlabASA’s Target-Rich Mackerel Waters
  355. Fishing with Captain Greg Hildreth on the Georgia Coast
  356. Bass-Fishing Tactics with Greg Hackney
  357. Big Bass By Starlight
  358. Tournament Fishing with Kevin VanDam
  359. A Look at the Hurricanes Effect on Gulf Coast Fishing
  360. Good Tactics for Bad Spotted Bass
  361. Summertime Bass Fishing with George Cochran
  362. Denny Brauer – Preparing the Tournament
  363. The Game Plan with Denny Brauer for His Lake Champlain Win in Mid-July
  364. How to Fish the Toughest Lake in America with Adam McClellan
  365. Proven Night Crappie-Fishing Methods
  366. Dale Welch- The Striper King
  367. Breakdown to Success
  368. Bass Fishing with Chad Pinkerton
  369. The Catmobile
  370. Your Dog Won’t Mind – Now What?
  371. Deer Hunting with Greg Miller
  372. Advanced Tree Stand Strategies
  373. Shooting More Accurately – How to Mount and Sight-In Scopes
  374. Big Bucks Where No One Can Hunt Them but You
  375. The Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School with Willie Webb, Jr.
  376. Overlook the Obvious for Successful Deer Hunting
  377. Calling All Deer with Dr. Larry Marchinton
  378. Fishing with Captain Maurice Fitzsimmons
  379. The Lost Art of Stalking and Still-Hunting for Black-Powder Bucks
  380. How to Take the Buck that Nobody Else Can Bag
  381. Ghost Trout of Mobile Bay
  382. Road Map to Whitetail Rendezvouses
  383. Waterfowling Expert Denny Pitman Tells Us Mistakes Hunters Make
  384. Short-Stopping Ducks
  385. You Won’t Strike Out When Hunting With Central Montana Outfitters
  386. The Best Week for Finding a Trophy Buck
  387. Calling In Bucks
  388. Duck-Hunting Guides Tell All
  389. How to Find Deer Land to Hunt
  390. Coyotes For Grabs
  391. How to Take Coyotes and Other Predators
  392. Turkey Hunting with Bo Pitman of White Oak Plantation
  393. The Latest Research on Deer
  394. Boyd Duckett: The Man Who Won the 2007 Bassmaster Classic and How He Did It
  395. The Latest Turkey Research
  396. Springtime Crappie
  397. Osceola Turkeys with William Sullivan on the Lands of General Van Fleet
  398. Top Professional Bass Fishermen Say, We Fish to Win
  399. What to Do When a Turkey Hangs-Up
  400. Late-Season Gobbler Tactics
  401. The South’s Best Shellcracker Holes
  402. Trees and Bushes Bowhunters Can Plant to Increase Their Success
  403. More Trees and Bushes for Bowhunters and What to Prune
  404. Billy Blakely Catches All Kinds of Fish at Blue Bank Resort on Tennessee’s Reelfoot Lake
  405. Kevin VanDam’s 11th B.A.S.S. Tournament Victory
  406. Alabama's Gulf Coast Fishing with ProKat Boats and Phil Mosley
  407. Duck Hunting in the Summer
  408. The Speckled Trout Capital of the World- Lake Calcasieu
  409. More Fishing at the Speckled Trout Capital of the World- Hackberry Rod and Gun
  410. Cobia Fishing with Mississippi’s Cobia-Fishing Team Machine
  411. Kevin VanDam’s $200,000 Strike King Lure
  412. How to Catch the Big White Bass
  413. How to Produce and Harvest Your Own Trophy Bucks with Dr. Keith Causey
  414. Fishing for Beaver-Pond Bass
  415. Fighting Big Tuna with Captain Rimmer Covington of the Isle of Capri Resort
  416. Have a Family Crappie-Fishing Farm
  417. Keys to Scouting for Successful Deer Hunting
  418. How to Bass Fish During the Drought with Billy Blakely
  419. Bass – How to Catch ‘Em in August and Early September with Mark Davis
  420. Kevin VanDam Takes 3rd Place at the Bassmaster Legends Tournament on Lake Dardanelle
  421. Boyd Duckett’s Keys to Winning Bass Tournaments
  422. More Keys to Winning Bass Tournaments with Boyd Duckett
  423. A Look Back at Kevin VanDam’s Super Elite Season
  424. The Ultimate Year-Round Food Plot for Deer
  425. Deer Hunting Can Be Too Rulified
  426. Feral Hogs – Here They Come
  427. Learn the History of Your Property to Increase the Value of Your Land
  428. The Addiction of Coon Hunting
  429. Finding and Catching November Bass with Kevin VanDam
  430. Deer Decoy Secrets of Pro Hunters
  431. Buster Brown Was a Dog for All Seasons – Deer, Ducks and Divorce
  432. America's Greatest Deer Rifles with Steve Barnett
  433. Manitoba's Extreme Whitetails with Whitetail Outfitters
  434. More Deer Hunting with Manitoba’s Whitetail Outfitters
  435. Tunica, Mississippi - Beaver Dam Duck Hunting and Bird Hunting at The Willows
  436. How to Grow Big Bucks Texas Style
  437. Hunting on Ellislie Plantation in Mississippi with Bad Boy Buggies
  438. Wounded Warrior and American Hero – Thomas Lee
  439. Where and How to Catch Bass in January and February
  440. Sea Ducks on the Chesapeake with Wayne Radcliffe
  441. Resident-Goose Hunting in Maryland with Jeff Kreit
  442. How I Plan to Fish the 2008 Bassmaster Classic with Greg Hackney
  443. Al Morris on Winning the 2007 Coyote Calling Contest
  444. The South's Sleeper Lunker Lakes
  445. Scrounge Hunt for All Kinds of Game
  446. Taking Great Waterfowl Pictures and Viewing Wildlife in their Habitat with Jeff Coats
  447. Scouting for Turkeys
  448. Some of Turkey Hunting’s Toughest Questions Answered
  449. What to Do When Three Turkeys Gobble
  450. A Sister’s Get Back: From Poverty to Riches
  451. Land of the Monster Hogs – Stasney’s Cook Ranch in Texas
  452. How to Survive Turkey Season
  453. The Misery of a Miss
  454. Secrets to Hunting Tough Gobblers
  455. Bass-Fishing Pros’ Tips for Catching Bass After the Spawn
  456. Gulf Coast Fishing Guide
  457. Coyotes: Helpful Predators or Deer Killers
  458. Scoring After the Rain with Phillip Vanderpool
  459. Pay-to-Fish Trophy Bass Lakes Give You the Most for Your Dollar
  460. How to Take Great Outdoor Photos with ASAnda Ray
  461. More on Hackberry Rod and Gun Club at  Louisiana’s Lake Calcasieu
  462. Kevin VanDam Breaks the $3 Million All-Time Career Winnings Mark at the 2008 Kentucky Lake Elite Event
  463. Looking Back Over My Tournament Bass-Fishing Career with George Cochran
  464. Catching Summer King Mackerel with Captain Mike Parker in Destin, Florida
  465. A Week Outdoors Hunting and Fishing with Boo Weekley
  466. Steve DeMers - Master Predator Hunter
  467. Get in Close to Monster Bull Elk with Your Bow with Randy Ulmer
  468. Catching Redfish and Speckled Trout off the Mississippi Coast with Captain Sonny Schindler
  469. Five Rules for Bagging a Monster Bow Buck with Toxey Haas
  470. Kevin VanDam Does It Again and Wins Angler of the Year for 2008
  471. Where and How to Catch Fish in August and Early September with Roger Stegall at Pickwick Lake
  472. Pickwick Dam, Tennessee – Heaven for Fishermen with Roger Stegall, Todd Witt, Phil King, Roger Gant and Claggett Talley
  473. Dam Tailraces for Stripers with Tommy Akin
  474. Hometown Geese and Nuisance Geese
  475. Why, Where and How to Find Bucks in Funnels with Dr. Larry Marchinton
  476. Cliff Hanger Bucks
  477. Boo Weekley – Homeboy at the Ryder Cup
  478. The Monstrous Scent-A-Way Bull Elk with Wayne Carlton
  479. How I Took the Buck that Nobody Else Could Take with Tad Brown, Michael Waddell, Preston Pittman, Troy Ruiz and Gary Sefton
  480. Clay Dyer – Living Life and Bass Fishing Beyond the Limits
  481. The Best Week for Finding a Trophy Buck
  482. Big White-Tailed Bucks by the Bushel at Oklahoma’s Rut-n-Strut
  483. Year-Round Deer Calling Secrets of the Masters
  484. Winning Bass Tournaments – Denny Brauer on Decision Making
  485. Combo Hunt for Ducks and Whitetails and Other Animals
  486. Decrease the Range to Take More Blackpowder Bucks
  487. Hunting Pressure: Key to Big Bucks
  488. Secrets of the Duck-Hunting Pros
  489. How Bass Pro Greg Hackney Makes Winning Decisions
  490. Tips for Taking More Late-Season Ducks
  491. You’ll Often Bag Little Bucks at Green Fields
  492. Guns of the Waterfowling Pros
  493. Beating the January White-Tailed Deer Blues
  494. The Best Squirrel Hunting
  495. Ways to Help the Bobwhite Quail – Using Fire, Herbicides and Longleaf Pine Plantings and Protecting the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker
  496. How to Get a Job in the Fishing Industry with Robby Gant of Shimano and Larry Colombo, Outdoor Writer
  497. Fish Bass Baits for Cold-Weather Crappie
  498. Al Morris and Garvin Young Win the 2008 World Coyote Calling Contest – Their Third World Win
  499. The Youngest Pro Fisherman with Jonny Schultz
  500. 15 Yards or Less – 50 Yards or More: The Toughest Ranges for Turkeys
  501. Hunter’s Specialties’ Pro Al Morris Wins the 2009 World Elk Calling Contest
  502. Taking Early-Season Mississippi Turkeys with Preston Pittman
  503. Mark Menendez – Winning $100,000 in an Aluminum Boat at Bassmaster’s Lake Dardanelle Tournament
  504. Victory from Defeat with Kevin VanDam on Lake Dardanelle
  505. Cristie Gates - Benelli’s Lady with a Gun
  506. Get Your Gobbler with a Bow with Phillip Vanderpool
  507. Winning with the Wind When You Hunt Turkeys in Oklahoma with Phillip Vanderpool
  508. Turkey Talk at Texas’s Live Oak Hunting Lodge with Remington and J. Wayne Fears
  509. A Successful Turkey Hunter’s Checklist
  510. Bass, Crappie, Bluegill and Catfish – Guntersville’s Got It All with Captain Buddy Golden
  511. Summertime Fishing on the Gulf Coast
  512. A Deadly Bassing System - Crank ‘Em Up with Cliff Craft
  513. The Snagless Sally and Uncle Josh: A Lure Marriage Made in Bass Heaven for Summertime Fishing
  514. Three Generations of Charter-Boat Fishing with Orange Beach, Alabama’s Walker Family
  515. Catch Deep Summer Bass with Kevin VanDam’s New Strike King Series 6 XD Crankbait
  516. Grow Your Own Better Deer All Year by Careful Planting and Fertilizing
  517. Mississippi’s Gulf Coast July Trip of a Lifetime with Captain Sonny Schindler
  518. Denny Brauer on Catching Bass in Sizzling-Hot Temperatures
  519. Better Ways to Find and Catch Hot-Weather Crappie with Brad Whitehead
  520. Summer Fishing off Mississippi’s Gulf Coast
  521. Why Take Your Employees and Customers Fishing
  522. How to Catch Catfish in August
  523. How to Grow Body-Builder White-Tailed Bucks
  524. Hunting Hot-Weather White-Tailed Bucks in South Carolina
  525. Reasons Your Food Plots Don’t Work with Dr. Grant Woods
  526. Tips to Better Bowhunting
  527. Micro-Manage Deer
  528. Kevin VanDam Wins $200,000 and the 2009 Angler-of-the-Year Title
  529. Food For Thought – Use Food Sources to Locate Deer
  530. Fantastic Pier Fishing for Numerous Species on the Gulf of Mexico at Gulf Shores, Alabama, for $8 a Day
  531. Bring the Buck Deer to Your Tree with Will Primos, Eddie Salter, Wayne Carlton and David Hale
  532. How to Tell Where Whitetails Are and What They’re Doing with Nationally-Known Bowhunter Jerry Simmons
  533. There’s The Buck – Now What - with Ronnie Groom
  534. Bass Tournaments – How to Win Them with Bass Angler Kevin VanDam
  535. The Five Best November and December Bass and Crappie Hot Spots with Kevin VanDam and Ronnie Capps
  536. Make It Happen In a Tree Stand with Will Primos, Eddie Salter, Wayne Carlton and David Hale
  537. How to Find a Buck Deer That’s Hit with Todd Amenrud
  538. Open
  539. Ducks Made Easy
  540. Mississippi’s Lenoir Plantation – Ghosts, Deer, Hogs, War-Between-the-States History, Thoroughbreds and Quarter-Horse Training and Much More
  541. You Need Two to Rattle White-Tailed Bucks in the East
  542. White-Tailed Bucks on a Cold Day
  543. How to Hunt Bucks Under Pressure Like Those in the Late Season
  544. Hunting the Rut When Sly Bucks Lose Their Cool
  545. The Challenges of Hunting End-of-the-Season Big Bucks
  546. Games Rabbits Play
  547. Catching Cold-Weather Crappie with Some of the Nation’s Top Crappie Pros
  548. Hunting Squirrels with Calls and Dogs
  549. How to Take More Predators
  550. Kevin VanDam Adds the 2010 Bassmaster Classic Win Championship to His 2009 Angler-of-the-Year Title
  551. Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips Talks about His Prostate Cancer Journey and TomoTherapy
  552. Take the Guesswork Out of Deer Leases
  553. Eddie Salter – Nationally-Known Turkey Hunter and Caller Tells About Tough Toms
  554. Lessons Learned from Matt Morrett’s Toughest Gobblers
  555. Hunting Turkeys – For the Love of the Addiction with John E. Phillips
  556. Turkey Hunting in the West with Wayne Carlton
  557. Bowhunting’s Ultimate Challenge – the Wild Turkey
  558. Battling the Slave Ditch Gobbler with Central AlabASA’s Joe Champion
  559. How to Hunt Bad Weather Birds
  560. Top Bass Fisherman Denny Brauer Tells How He Picks the Lures He Fishes Year-Round
  561. Brad Whitehead - Why & How to Side Pull for Crappie
  562. Secrets of the World’s Best Catfishermen
  563. AlabASA’s Gulf Coast Is Oil-Free and Open for Business
  564. Professional Bass Fisherman Mark Davis Tells Us How to Improve Our Fishing
  565. Oil Spill Not Affecting Crappie
  566. Techniques Anyone Can Use – Guaranteed to Catch Bass with Jack Wingate
  567. Going Deep in Hot Weather for Crappie
  568. Hand-Grabbing or Noodling for Catfish in Mississippi
  569. More Hand-Grabbing or Noodling for Catfish in Mississippi
  570. What to Do on Your Hunting Lands Before Deer Season Starts
  571. Raising Monster White-Tailed Bucks with Hurricane Creek’s Todd Ouellette
  572. Renegade Tactics for Slab Crappie
  573. New BASS Angler of the Year for 2010 Kevin VanDam
  574. Shooting Instinctively to Take More Doves with Barry Kelly of the Willows Sporting Clays in Tunica, Mississippi
  575. Billy Blakely of Reelfoot Lake on Hot-Weather Fishing and September Duck Hunting
  576. Secrets to Early Green Field Planting for Deer
  577. What These Top Bowhunters Know That Will Help You Take More Deer
  578. How to Take Hot-Weather Buck Deer
  579. Avoid the Common Mistakes Bowhunters Make When Hunting Deer
  580. Hunt Your Buck Deer Indian Style for Success with Bowhunter Larry Norton
  581. How to Bag a Buck Deer Every Season
  582. Special Fall Snapper Season at AlabASA’s Gulf Coast – Bigger and Better Than Ever
  583. Why, Where and How to Find Buck Deer in Funnels
  584. Well-Known Author and Outdoorsman Bob Robb Tells How He Chooses His Bowhunting Equipment When Hunting Deer
  585. Fishing AlabASA’s Gulf Coast After the Oil Spill on the Gulf of Mexico
  586. What to Do When the Buck Hits the Water
  587. Learn the Most-Productive Stand Sites to Take Deer
  588. Secrets to Hunting Feeder Bucks in States Where Feeders Are Allowed
  589. Tree Standing Versus Stalk Hunting for a Buck
  590. How to Detect Deer Movement
  591. Texas’ Ford Ranch – A Dream Hunt for Everyone
  592. Rattling, Grunting and Deer Lures - Make Them Work for You
  593. When Deer Calls Don’t Work with John E. Phillips
  594. The Best of the Bad Day Deer-Hunting Strategies
  595. Outthink the Buck Deer and the Hunters
  596. Nationally-Known Outdoorsman Mark Drury on Why He Bowhunts
  597. Effective Man-Drives for Deer at Any Time
  598. How to Cash-in on the Squirrel Crop
  599. Guide to Overlooked February Hunting
  600. Catch Crappie Now in February, But Watch the Weather with John E. Phillips
  601. How to Vertical Jig for Winter Bass
  602. What Makes the 2011 Bassmaster Classic Champion Kevin VanDam, Kevin VanDam
  603. Fishing and Fun Heating-Up on AlabASA’s Gulf Coast This Spring and Summer
  604. Wily, Wary and Just Plain Weird – The Turkey Gobbler Hall of Fame
  605. Don’t Bank on Bank-Bound Crappie in the Spring
  606. Turkey Hunting Ain’t Just About Taking Turkeys
  607. Kevin VanDam Wins Fishing Tournaments by Letting Bass Tell Him What They Want
  608. Tips and Tales from Four of the Country’s Best Turkey Hunters
  609. Secrets to Shallow Water Crappie by John E. Phillips
  610. Use Your Hands and Knees for Gobbling Turkeys
  611. Tips for Catching Bigger Bream This Spring and Summer
  612. How to Hunt Beat-Up Gobblers
  613. The Secrets of Master Catfishermen
  614. Shed Antlers: The Ultimate Tip to Trophy Buck Locations with Bob Zaiglin
  615. Dark Secrets to Nighttime Bass Fishing with Nolan Shivers
  616. Tennessee’s Chris Reed Wins the History Channel’s Top Shot Competition
  617. Creekbank Catfish for Laid-Back Fun
  618. Mississippi Gulf Coast’s Fantastic Summertime Fishing with Captain Kyle Jarreau
  619. Learn How Michigan’s Kevin VanDam Won the Bassmaster Angler-of-the-Year Title Again
  620. The Sport of Bassing Swamp Holes
  621. Fish Black Nights to catch White Crappie This Summer
  622. Why Kevin VanDam Is a Bass Fisherman Who Constantly Wins
  623. Find and Catch Bass Year-Round with Top Bass Anglers
  624. How to Catch the Biggest Bass in Any Lake
  625. How to Catch More Hot-Weather Catfish
  626. August Fishing for Catfish with Brian Barton
  627. Keys to Becoming a Better Bowhunter with Archery World Champion Jackie Caudle
  628. Enjoying a Dove Game – Any Number Can Hunt and Play
  629. Keys to Successful Precision Scouting for Deer
  630. The Mystery Dove Field – Why Birds Came There
  631. The Deer Doctor, Dr. Bob Sheppard, Explains How to Take Deer Every Season
  632. Deer Camp Clowns Make Great Memories for any Hunting Club
  633. Bow Bucks When the Weather Sizzles
  634. Better Tactics and Equipment Mean More Squirrels
  635. Jerry Simmons and Dr. Robert Sheppard Tell Why Bowhunting the Old Way and the New Way – Both Produce Deer
  636. Let’s Go Fishing on AlabASA’s Gulf Coast This Fall and Winter
  637. Successful Deer Hunting’s Top Secret – Match Tactics to Terrain for Success
  638. How to Catch Bass in November with Mark Davis
  639. The Hottest New Bass Fishing Tactic - the AlabASA Rig
  640. How to Become an Outdoor TV Host with Chad Schearer
  641. How Wind Affects Buck Deer with Dr. Robert Sheppard
  642. The Dominant Buck Deer - Facts & Myths
  643. Advanced Deer Calling Tactics
  644. How to Cook in a Dutch Oven, Its History and Recipes
  645. Hunt the Storm Fronts for Deer
  646. The Top Tips for Successful Deer Hunting
  647. Belly Boating to Ducks
  648. You Can Have a Second Chance to take a Buck in January
  649. To Hunt a Legendary Buck Deer
  650. Oddball Methods for Bushwhacking Bushytails
  651. Boating for Squirrels
  652. Tactics for February Lunker Bass
  653. Catch Fat February Crappie
  654. Unorthodox Tactics for Desperate Turkey Hunters
  655. Start Scouting for Deer in the Spring
  656. Catching Crappie at Reelfoot Lake - the Real Deal
  657. Matt Morrett Explains His Secrets to Taking More Tom Turkeys
  658. How to Find and Catch March and April Crappie
  659. Setting Up on Gobbling Turkeys to Hunt More Efficiently
  660. What Tips Will Help You Catch Crappie
  661. How to Miss a Turkey
  662. Kevin VanDam on 12 Months of Successful Bass Fishing
  663. You Can Catch Big Bream
  664. Rule-Breaking Ways to Catch Bass
  665. This Journal is no longer available.
  666. Cheri Arnold – an Air Force Wounded Warrior Who Loves to Hunt and Shoot
  667. Kids and Catfish
  668. Catching West Texas Catfish for the Bragging and the Eating
  669. Hot-Weather Worming Tactics for Bass
  670. Stock Your Lake with the Best-Biting Bass, Crappie, Catfish and Bluegills
  671. Fish the Right Depth for Crappie
  672. Mississippi’s Captain Jimmy Taylor Tells Us How to Catch Marlin
  673. The Weather Man Will Lie – Well, Maybe Just Not Tell the Whole Truth – But You Still Can Catch Plenty of Fish
  674. Some Winning Techniques of Bass Fishing
  675. How to Hunt Public-Land Elk with Dieter Kaboth
  676. Get All of Mississippi’s Saltwater Fish Now in August – Inshore, Offshore and In-Between
  677. More Ways to Take Bull Elk
  678. Weed Whacking in August for Bass with George Cochran
  679. Big Game Bowhunters Recall Their Toughest Shots
  680. Dove Hunting Vs. Dove Shooting
  681. Learn from Top Bass Pros Kevin VanDam and Rick Clunn
  682. Visit the Upper Gulf Coast for Outstanding September Fishing Offshore and Inshore
  683. Hunt for Shallow Bass at Any Time of Year by Jimmy Houston
  684. Trolling Successfully for Bass
  685. Terry Drury’s Bowhunting Tactics
  686. Master Plans from Top Bowhunters to Take Deer
  687. The Best Place to Find a Buck Deer in the Early Season with Bowhunter Jerry Simmons
  688. How to Hunt Bad Stands to Take Great Buck Deer
  689. Tree Stand and Stalk Hunt for Buck Deer
  690. Archery Hall of Fame Recipient Hugh Blackburn Tells His Tips to Better Hunting for Deer
  691. Driving Bow Buck Deer
  692. Create a Hot Spot Where You Can Hunt Deer Close
  693. How to Hunt Deer – the Most-Productive Hunt Plan
  694. Green Fields – Why They Work and Why They Don't for Hunting Deer with Dr. Grant Woods
  695. Using GPS Receivers Equals Taking More Buck Deer Each Season
  696. Why and How David Hale Uses Motion-Sensor Cameras to Hunt Deer
  697. What Dr. Robert Sheppard Has Learned from a 20-Year Study of 35,000 Deer Hunters
  698. DIY (Do It Yourself) Deer Processing
  699. How to Hunt and Take Ducks By Surprise
  700. How to Hunt When Deer Become Nocturnal
  701. Hunting Cold Weather Buck Deer with a Bow
  702. Last Chance for Hunting End of the Season Buck Deer
  703. Fishing for February’s Cool-Weather Crappie
  704. Hunt Wild Rabbit Food to Bag More Bunnies
  705. Hunting Marsh, Swamp and Green Field Rabbits
  706. Bring More Gobblers to Your Hunting Grounds To Have a Successful Turkey Season
  707. Catching Bream in the Cold Weather and the Hot Summer
  708. The Successful Turkey Hunter’s Checklist
  709. How to Successfully Set Up on Turkeys
  710. Use Creative Tactics to Find and Take Turkeys Mid Day
  711. Catching Crappie with the Sipes Brothers
  712. How to Choose a Turkey Call and Make Turkey Sounds That Work
  713. Bob Wozniak – One of the Greatest Spring Turkey Hunters with John E. Phillips
  714. When a Turkey Gobbler Answers – You have to be Patient
  715. Wily, Wary and Just Plain Weird Turkeys with John E. Phillips
  716. Going Deep to Catch Crappie
  717. Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips Hunts Oklahoma and Texas Turkeys with the Wesner Ranch and Double E Outdoors
  718. Sunburned Seafood Dishes with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  719. Catch Crappie at Any Time of the Year
  720. How to Make the Plastic Worm Work for You to Catch Bass
  721. Catch Creekbank Catfish for Fun and Relaxation with John E. Phillips
  722. How to Catch Bass in the Rain and the Mud with Gary Klein and Rick Clunn
  723. Learn More about America’s Ugly Fish – Catfish, Alligator Gar, Suckers and Carp – and How to Catch Them
  724. Guide Jackie Wayne VanCleave on Summertime Fishing
  725. Start Hunting Deer Now After the Season with John E. Phillips
  726. Get Ready for Elk Season with Eddie Salter, Wayne Carlton and J.R. Keller
  727. How to Find Hot Weather Bass on River Systems with Mark Rose
  728. How to Catch Crappie During the Hot Summer and the Cold Winter by John E. Phillips with Gifford “Sonny” Sipes
  729. The ABCs of Catfishing with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  730. How to Buy a Bird Dog to Hunt Quail
  731. Dangerous Game Hunts with a Bow
  732. Everything You’ve Wanted to Know about Catching Catfish with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  733. Become a Better Bowhunter – Take the Bowhunter’s Deer Quiz” with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  734. Dove Hunting A to Z with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  735. Use Swamp Fox Tactics to Bowhunt Wetland Buck Deer with Will Primos and Mark Drury
  736. Terrain and Tactics – The Art of Positioning a Tree Stand to Hunt Deer with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  737. A Fun Quiz for Deer Hunters
  738. Depend on Trail Cameras to Make You a Better Deer Hunter
  739. Ups and Downs of Tree Stands for Hunting Deer
  740. Silent Stalking Deer
  741. Be Wise about the Weather and the Wind to Take White-Tailed Deer
  742. Twelve Ways to Find Your Buck Deer to Hunt
  743. How to Fish for Crappie in the Fall
  744. How to Book a Super White-tailed Deer Hunt” by John E. Phillips
  745. How to Hunt White-tailed Deer When the Heat’s On
  746. Calling All Ducks by John E. Phillips with Eli Haydel
  747. Where Ducks Hide with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  748. The Dominant Buck Deer Theory with Dr. Larry Marchinton
  749. Hunting Big Buck Deer in Bad, Thick Places with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  750. Study and Hunt 1/2-Mile to Take More Deer with John E. Phillips
  751. Mark and Terry Drury and Their Buck Deer of Brotherly Love
  752. Try These Last Resort End of the Season Big Buck Deer Tactics
  753. How to Hunt the Pines and the Lulls for Deer
  754. Waterfowl Guide Mike Miller Explains How to Take Late Season Honkers and Quacks
  755. Strategies to Catch February Bass and Crappie
  756. How Understanding Weather Helps You Catch More Bass with George Cochran
  757. I Learned on a Turkey Hunt How to Catch Early-Season Spawning Crappie
  758. What to Do if You Want to Hunt Turkeys
  759. Let’s Get Started Hunting Turkeys
  760. 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion Randy Howell - from Good to Great: $15,000 to $300,000 in 8 Hours of Bass Fishing
  761. First 30 Minutes of Turkey Hunting with Chris Kirby, Larry Norton and the Late Doug Camp
  762. Catching March and April Crappie with Guide Jackie Wayne Van Cleave
  763. What Are Your Personal Rules for Hunting Wild Turkeys?
  764. The Crappie Almanac for Year-Round Fishing
  765. Ways to Catch Crappie from the Pros
  766. Ghost Birds – Gobblers That Can’t Be Taken
  767. Outdoors Woman and Bowhunter Eva Shockey
  768. Catching Crappie: No Boat, No Problem
  769. The Characteristics of the Best Deer Hunting Clubs
  770. Wildlife Biologist and Land Manager Mark Thomas Uses Motion-Sensor Cameras to Improve Lands
  771. Specific Buzzing Tactics for Successful Bass Fishing with Bassmaster Classic Champion Rick Clunn
  772. Secrets of Longtime Bass Fishing Pro Larry Nixon
  773. Catch Crappie All Year with Guide Steve McCadams
  774. Farming Crappie with Guide Steve McCadams by Understanding Baits and Water Color and Using Stake Beds
  775. Catching All Types of Fish with Kids This Summer at Tennessee’s Blue Bank Resort
  776. Coon Hunting – the Sport, the Business and the Country Way of Life
  777. Test Your Bass Fishing IQ with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  778. Bassing the K.I.S.S. System with Bass Angler and TV Personality Jimmy Houston
  779. Record Holder Cindi Richardson Bowhunts Elk
  780. Catching Summertime Specks, Reds and More on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast with Captain Sonny Schindler
  781. An Inside Look At How to Catch Bass in the Summer on Lake Guntersville with Captain Phillip Criss
  782. Alligators in Your Backyard Means Dollars
  783. Tubing for Bass in Out of the Way Places
  784. Learning from Longtime Deer Bowhunter Ernie Calandrelli
  785. Archery Coach Nathan Brooks on Being a Better Bowhunter for Deer This Year Than Ever Before
  786. Hank Parker Talks About Baiting or Not Baiting Deer
  787. How to Find and Take Your Bow Buck Deer of a Lifetime on 235 Acres with Michael Ahlfeldt
  788. What Hunters Should Know About Nuts to Take Buck Deer
  789. How to Find Big Buck Deer in Your Own Backyard and Unhunted Places
  790. Why and How to Capture Your Deer Hunt on Video
  791. What Biologists Know about the Facts and Myths Concerning Buck Deer Antlers
  792. Make Your Hunting Luck Happen
  793. Preparation Will Help You Get Your Buck Deer
  794. Buzz ‘Em Up, Pop ‘Em Up and Wake ‘Em Up for Late Fall and Wintertime Bass with Denny Brauer and Mark Davis
  795. Shoot Short To Take More Big Buck Deer
  796. Deer Hunting with Your Family with Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland
  797. Jay Yelas on How to Catch Bass When You’re Having a Bad Day
  798. How to Predict Deer Movement: Bowhunting’s Most-Important Skill
  799. Wake Up to 2:00 AM Cold Weather Crappie Fishing at Alabama’s Lake Guntersville
  800. World Hunter Eva Shockey Tells Us About Taking Deer, Caribou and Moose
  801. How John Scott Hunts Big Buck Deer on Small Properties
  802. Jon Lester – Cubs Baseball Player, Outdoorsman, Avid Hunter and Philanthropist by John E. Phillips
  803. Hunt and Harvest Mature Buck Deer Every Year with the Same System That Produces Championship Football Teams
  804. Where and How to Catch Bass in the Winter with Denny Brauer, Davy Hite, Michael Iaconelli, Skeet Reese and James Niggemeyer
  805. How to Produce a Grand Nite Champion Coon Dog
  806. Boar Hunting the Old Fashioned Way with a Spear with John E. Phillips
  807. Versatility: the Key to Turkey Hunting Success with Quaker Boy Calls’ Chris Kirby
  808. Hunting Season Isn’t Over for Snow Geese in the Mississippi Delta with John Gordon and John E. Phillips”
  809. Bassmaster Classic Lures That Have Gotten the Big Bucks and the Big Bass with Outdoor Writer John E. Phillips
  810. Taking Bow Turkeys - the Toughest Of Them All
  811. Find the Turkey First to Hunt with John E. Phillips
  812. Professional Bass Fishermen Name Their Best Five Bass Baits
  813. How to Find Crappie that Aren’t on the Banks
  814. Five Secrets to Successful Turkey Hunting with Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland
  815. Turkey Hunting Tips from Terry Drury
  816. Lessons Turkeys Have Taught Me with Matt Morrett
  817. America’s Best Soft Plastic Bass Fishing Baits
  818. The Reinventing of Ashlee Adkins Lundvall - Avid Outdoors Woman and Hunter
  819. No Call Turkey Hunting with David Hale
  820. Cole Kramer Hunts Killer Brown Bears on Kodiak Island
  821. Some of My Toughest Turkeys to Hunt with Eddie Salter
  822. Brian Barton on Fishing for May and June Tennessee River Catfish
  823. The 16th Annual Muzzy Classic Bowfishing Tournament
  824. Catch Smallmouth Bass by Starlight
  825. Use Tabletop Scouting to Locate Deer Now for Deer Season
  826. Catching the Most and the Biggest Saltwater Fish of Your Life in Mississippi
  827. Crappie Bite in Hot Weather and on Dark Nights
  828. Fishing for June and July Smallmouth Bass with Larry Nixon
  829. How to Find and Catch Catfish
  830. How To Catch Summertime Crappie with Ken Cook
  831. How Maryland Solves Its Nuisance Deer Problems
  832. Why Go Party Boat Fishing Now in Late Summer at the Gulf of Mexico
  833. How to Find and Catch Big Crappie
  834. Outdoorsmen Find Treasures of the Early Americans
  835. How to Make a Bad Day of Bass Fishing a Great Day with Scott Canterbury
  836. Hot Weather Crappie Fishing
  837. Bass Pro Randy Howell - Confessions of a Junk Fisherman
  838. Warm Weather Bowhunting for South Carolina’s Velvet Antlered Bucks
  839. Make a List to Successfully Bowhunt Deer
  840. Pattern Your Buck Deer by Using Bass Tactics
  841. Bowhunters Hunt Green Pastures for Deer
  842. Get a Buck Deer within Range with Ronnie Groom
  843. Hunting Deer - Trailing and Tracking After the Shot
  844. Custom Duck Calls and Decoys and Catching Fall and Winter Catfish
  845. Outdoor College Scholarships, Kayaks and Making, Collecting and Selling Waterfowl Calls
  846. Why a Buck Deer Doesn't Come In to You
  847. Brian Barton – Trolling for Catfish in the Fall and Winter
  848. Daytime Deer Tactics for Nighttime Feeders with Ronnie Groom
  849. Deer Hunting Tips to Take More Bucks
  850. How to Hunt Spooked Deer
  851. Shoot Trophy Buck Deer on the Run
  852. Hunting Deer in December
  853. Tips for Taking Ducks from the Waterfowling Experts
  854. Take Deer - Hunt Transition Regions, Scrapes,Watering Holes and Crowded Areas
  855. Louisiana’s Rice Fields for Hunting Ducks and Geese
  856. Hunt Public Land Deer
  857. Take Whitetail Deer by Watching the Wind
  858. Deer Are Where They Eat
  859. Hunter Al Morris Explains Predator Control for Game Management
  860. Steve Reinhold Hunts Predators
  861. Bob Walker Hunts the Toughest Turkey
  862. Turkey Hunting Guides Scott Hendry and Doug Shipp Tell All
  863. Use the Deer, Wild Turkeys and Wild Pigs You Take to Prepare Mouth Watering Foods
  864. You Can’t Shoot What You Can’t See - Whether It’s Turkeys or Deer
  865. How to Catch River Crappie with David Spain
  866. The Two-Man Turkey Hunt
  867. How to Successfully Hunt Turkeys on Public Lands with Tracy Groves
  868. Jerry Lambert of Michigan Learned to Turkey Hunt and You Can Too
  869. Turkey Hunting and Crappie Fishing With Preston Pittman
  870. Hunting and Calling Turkeys with World Champion Matt Van Cise
  871. Get the Most Out of Your Turkey Hunt with Guide J.J. Kent
  872. Turkey Tactics with Michigan’s Michael Adams
  873. Exciting Saltwater Bowfishing with Dustin Mizell
  874. What I’ve Learned from 27 Years of Bowfishing and Competing in Bowfishing Tournaments with Mark Land
  875. Bass Pro Shops’ Crappie Masters’ Alabama Champions Share How to Catch Summertime Crappie
  876. Bowfishing with Jon Justice
  877. How to Find and Catch More Big Bluegills Throughout the Year with Billy Blakely
  878. Catching Summertime River Crappie
  879. Catching Crappie in Weather So Hot You Can Fry Eggs on the Sidewalk
  880. Enjoy Eating the Fish and Seafood You Catch
  881. Biloxi Mississippi Bowfishing with Jill Zednick, Josh Delancey and Mike Moore
  882. Winning Bass Fishing Is Consistency and Change with Kevin VanDam
  883. Hunt in August for Big Game - Elk and Black-Tailed Bucks
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