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John's Journal... Entry 9 - Day 1 

Click to enlargeWhat makes Kim Chambers such a good competitive fisherman you'd ask when you meet this attractive young lady. "I like to prove to the men that a woman can compete in bass fishing and not only can we compete, we can do well and beat them sometimes."

Chambers got some of her competitive spirit from her brother Shane and she learned much of her fishing strategies from fishing with her brother. "I like to fish with Shane because he's a good teacher and he's very competitive. By competing with each other we push ourselves to be the best bass fishermen we can be," Chambers says.

Click to enlargeWhen I asked Shane Chambers how good a fisherman his sister was he said simply, "she's tough."

"When we are fishing in an all night tournament my energy level will drop off towards the end of the night, but Kim will be on the front end of the boat chunking and winding for all she is worth. She seems to get stronger as the night goes on and if she is behind and hasn't caught all of the fish she thinks she should have caught, she'll really be fishing hard. She's a good fisherman and a tough competitor."

Click to enlargeKim Chambers is an attractive, highly successful bass fisherman. In her first major tournament with over 500 anglers, she finished in fourteenth place. Last year in the same major tournament with over 450 anglers she finished in twentieth place.

Tomorrow we'll learn Kim's secret to learning how to bass fish and why she is one of the top lady fishermen in the nation. Kim also is on a mission to teach other women to fish. For two hundred dollars she'll take a lady out on the lake, teach her how to cast and retrieve and fish a wide variety of lures.

Click to enlarge"In one day I can have any woman competent enough to go fishing with her husband or boy friend without feeling intimidated," Chambers says.

To learn more about the women's bass fishing coach and her instructional program, write or call Kim Chambers at 441 County Road 1534, Cullman, AL 35058, (256) 796-7560.



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