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John's Journal... Entry 9 - Day 2

Click to enlargeKim Chambers has a fishing secret that has enabled her to become a competitive pro in a very short period of time. "I have a hair salon, Curl Harbor Salon in Fairview, Alabama near Cullman, and 70 to 80 percent of my customers are men. When they sit down to get their hair cut, we talk bass fishing.

"I've cut a deal with my customers. If they'll tell me their bass-fishing secrets, they'll get really good haircuts. If they don't tell me, I can't guarantee their haircuts," Chambers says with a big smile.

Chambers ask some of her best customers to take her out on the lake and teach her the techniques they use to catch bass. But, Chambers doesn't just learn from these men.

Click to enlarge"I practice fishing or compete in tournaments three or four nights a week. When I am not competing or practicing, I get on the internet and learn all I can about bass fishing. I read magazines and watch fishing shows on tv. I do all I can to learn all I can about competitive bass fishing."

Because Chambers is an attractive lady, when she first started fishing with men she heard quite a few negative comments like, "Yeah, I bet you really know something about bass fishing."

Her partners really took the biggest part of the abuse with comments like, "Yeah we know why you're going fishing with Kim."

Click to enlargeBut now, the men who have fished with Kim and her bass- fishing instructors are quick to come to her defense with comments like, "Let's see who finishes highest in the standings tonight, you or Kim." "She's a tough competitor, a good fisherman and her brother's an investigator for the Sheriff's Department. Watch your mouth."

She's gained respect with her fishing ability, and she's kicked out a hole for herself in a male-dominated sport, but Kim Chambers is not the Joan of Arc of the bass-fishing world. "Men use to put me down and because I was a woman they didn't think I could catch bass. I just wanted to show them that not only could I catch bass, but I could catch as many and as big a bass as they could catch and I'm not the only woman who loves to bass fish and loves to compete."

Click to enlargeChambers is teaching women to bass fish and is a bass-fishing coach. "If a woman wants to learn to fish, I'll teach her everything from how to cast a baitcasting rod and reel to bathroom boat etiquette, how to load and unload a bass boat, how to do minor maintenance on your fishing rig and how to feel safe and comfortable on the water alone."

For more information on Chambers instructions you can contact her at Kim Chambers, 441 County Road 1534, Cullman, AL 35058, (256) 796-7560.

Tomorrow Kim will give us insights on what she teaches women about boats and bass fishing.


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